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Datasheet MAX97200BEWC+T - Maxim Audio Amplifiers Class H DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier

Maxim MAX97200BEWC+T

Part Number: MAX97200BEWC+T

Manufacturer: Maxim

Description: Audio Amplifiers Class H DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier

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19-4981; Rev 3; 8/12
Low-Power, Low-Offset, Dual Mode, Class H DirectDrive Headphone Amplifier
General Description
The MAX97200 is a 45mW Class H headphone amplifier that runs from a single low 1.8V supply voltage and employs Maxim's second-generation DirectDrive technology. The MAX97200 features a Dual ModeK internal charge pump to generate the power rails for the amplifier. The charge-pump output can be QPVIN/2 or QPVIN depending on the amplitude of the output signal. When the output voltage is low, the power-supply voltage is QPVIN/2. When the output signal demands larger output voltage, the charge pump switches modes so that a greater power-supply voltage is realized and more output power can be delivered to the load. Second-generation DirectDrive technology improves power consumption when compared to first-generation DirectDrive amplifiers. The MAX97200 can be powered from a regulated 1.8V and have similar power consumption to a traditional DirectDrive


  • Maximum Power Dissipation: 1095 mW
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 1.8 V
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 85 C
  • Output Power: 1095 mW
  • Package / Case: WLP-12
  • Packaging Type: Reel
  • Product: Class-H
  • Supply Current: 1.15 mA
  • THD plus Noise: 0.02 %
  • RoHS: Yes

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