Datasheet Microsemi A1440A-PL84C

FamilyACT 3
Part NumberA1440A-PL84C

Accelerator Series FPGAs – ACT 3 Family


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Detailed Description


Revision 3 Accelerator Series FPGAs ­ ACT 3 Family
Features Up to 10,000 Gate Array Equivalent Gates (up to 25,000 equivalent PLD Gates) Highly Predictable Performance with 100% Automatic Placeand-Route As Low as 9.0 ns Clock-to-Output Times (­1 Speed Grade) Up to 186 MHz On-Chip Performance (­1 Speed Grade) Up to 228 User-Programmable I/O Pins Four Fast, Low-Skew Clock Networks Table 1 ACT 3 Family Product Information Device Capacity Gate Array Equivalent Gates PLD Equivalent Gates TTL Equivalent Package (40 gates) 20-Pin PAL Equivalent Packages (100 gates) Logic Modules S-Module C-Module Dedicated Flip-Flops1 User I/Os (maximum) Chip-t...

Model Line

Other Names:

A1440APL84C, A1440A PL84C