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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC4120EUD#TRPBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTC4120EUD#TRPBF

Wireless Power Receiver and 400mA Buck Battery Charger


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    LTC4120/LTC4120-4.2 - Wireless Power Receiver and 400mA Buck Battery Charger
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    Wireless Power Receiver and
    400mA Buck Battery Charger
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION Dynamic Harmonization Control Optimizes
    Wireless Charging Over a Wide Coupling Range
    n Wide Input Voltage Range (12.5V to 40V)
    n Adjustable Float Voltage (3.5V to 11V)
    n Fixed 4.2V Float Voltage Option (LTC4120-4.2)
    n 50mA to 400mA Charge Current Programmed with a
    Single Resistor
    n В±1% Feedback Voltage Accuracy
    n Programmable 5% Accurate Charge Current
    n No Microprocessor Required
    n No Transformer Core
    n Thermally Enhanced, Low Profile 16-Lead
    (3mm Г— 3mm Г— 0.75mm) QFN Package The LTCВ®4120 is a constant-current/constant-voltage wireless receiver and battery charger. An external programming resistor sets the charge current up to 400mA. The
    LTC4120-4.2 is suitable for charging Li-Ion/Polymer batteries, while the programmable float voltage of the LTC4120
    accommodates several battery chemistries. The LTC4120
    uses a Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) technique that
    allows high efficiency contactless charging across an air gap. n The LTC4120 regulates its input voltage via the DHC pin.
    This technique modulates the resonant frequency of a
    receiver tank to automatically adjust the power received
    as well as the power transmitted to provide an efficient ...



Package3x3 QFN-16
Package CodeUD


Charge TerminationTimer
Demo BoardsDC2181A-A,DC2181A-B,DC2386A-B
Design ToolsLTspice File
Export Controlno yes/no
Float VoltageAdj (3.5V to 11V) V
Max Charge Current0.4 A
Number of Cells1, 2
Operating Temperature Range0 to 85 °C
Type of ChargerSwitching

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Moldel Line

Series: LTC4120 (8)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Battery Management > Battery Charger IC > Switching Battery Chargers
  • Power Management > Battery Management > Wireless Power Transfer

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