Datasheet Vishay MAL219691205E3

Series196 HVC ENYCAP
Part NumberMAL219691205E3

Hybrid Energy Storage Aluminum Capacitors


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196 HVC ENYCAPTM Vishay BCcomponents Hybrid Energy Storage Aluminum Capacitors
FEATURES Polarized energy storage capacitor with high capacity and energy density Voltage flexibility: 1.4 V (single cell) to 2.8 V / 4.2 V / 5.6 V / 7.0 V / 8.4 V (multiple cells) Available in stacked through-hole (STH, radial), surface-mount flat (SMF) and lay flat configurations (LFC) with wire and connectors Useful life: 1000 h at 70 °C / 85 °C No cell balancing necessary Soft and low transient-voltage-controlled charging characteristic Non-hazardous electrolyte Maintenance-free, no service necessary Evaluation kits for engineering are available under ordering code: MAL219699001E3 Material categorizat...

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