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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC2052HVCGN#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTC2052HVCGN#PBF

Quad Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers


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    LTC2051/LTC2052: Dual/Quad Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers Data Sheet
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    Dual/Quad Zero-Drift
    Operational Amplifiers

    ■ DESCRIPTIO Maximum Offset Voltage of 3μV
    Maximum Offset Voltage Drift of 30nV/°C
    Small Footprint, Low Profile MS8/GN16 Packages
    Single Supply Operation: 2.7V to ±5.5V
    Noise: 1.5μVP-P (0.01Hz to 10Hz Typ)
    Voltage Gain: 140dB (Typ)
    PSRR: 130dB (Typ) ...



Package CodeGN
Package Index05-08-1641 (GN16)


Number of Channels4
Unity Gain BW3 MHz
Av Min Stable1 V/V
Avol80 dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio130 dB
Cload100 pF
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Export Controlno
Ibias0.025 nA
Ios0.00015 A
Iout10 mA
Isupply0.85 mA
LF Enoise1.5 VPP
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 °C
PSRR130 dB
Rail-to-RailIn to V-,Output
Rail-to-Rail Inno
Rail-to-Rail Outyes
SR2 V/s
Single Supplyyes
Ts (0.1%)2000 ns
Voh (from V+)0.02 V
Vol (from V-)0.002 V
Vos0.0005 mV
Vos TC0.01 V/C
Vs Max11 V
Vs Min2.7 V

Eco Plan


Other Options

LTC2051 LTC2051 LTC2051HV LTC2052 LTC2052


  • Download » Articles - LT Journal PDF, 186 Kb, File published: Nov 1, 2000
    Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier Family in Small-Footprint Packages Features 3V Maximum DC Offset and30nV/C Maximum Drift
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    DESIGN FEATURES Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier Family
    in Small-Footprint Packages Features
    3µV Maximum DC Offset and
    30nV/°C Maximum Drift
    by David Hutchinson
    Introduction Extended Input
    Common Mode Range
    with Uncompromising CMRR
    At room temperature, and with the
    input common mode level at midsupplies, the parts typically have
    0.5µV of input-referred offset and are
    guaranteed to have less than ±3µV.
    To ensure this DC accuracy over the
    common mode input range, the
    LTC2050/LTC2051/LTC2052 have 6 exceptionally high CMRR over a wide
    range from the negative supply to
    typically within 0.9V of the positive
    rail, as shown in Figure 1. For
    example, as the input is varied over
    the entire 5V common mode range,
    the input-referred offset changes typically by less than 0.4µV. Similar levels
    of PSRR (typically less than 0.1µV of
    offset per volt of supply change) and ...

Moldel Line

Series: LTC2052HV (12)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers | Precision Amplifiers (Vos | Zero-Drift Amplifiers | Low Power Amplifiers (Is < 1mA/amp) | Low Bias Current Amplifiers (Ib < 100pA)
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Amplifiers

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