Datasheet NXP PDTD113ZU

Part NumberPDTD113ZU
Datasheet NXP PDTD113ZU

500 mA, 50 V NPN resistor-equipped transistor


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SO T3 PDTD1xxxU series
500 mA, 50 V NPN resistor-equipped transistors
Rev. 1 -- 13 May 2014 Product data sheet 1. Product profile
1.1 General description
NPN Resistor-Equipped Transistor (RET) family in a very small SOT323 (SC-70) Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic package.
Table 1. Product overview Package NXP PDTD113EU PDTD113ZU PDTD123EU PDTD123YU PDTD143EU PDTD143XU PDTD114EU SOT323 JEITA SC-70 JEDEC PNP complement PDTB113EU PDTB113ZU PDTB123EU PDTB123YU PDTB143EU PDTB143XU PDTB114EU Package configuration very small 23 Type number 1.2 Features 500 mA output current capability Built-in bias resistors Simplifies circuit design Reduces component count 10 % resistor ratio tolerance AEC-Q101 qualified High temperature applications up to 175 °C 1.3 Applications IC inputs control Cost-saving alternative to BC807 or BC817 series transistors in digital applications Switching loads NXP Semiconductors PDTD1xxxU series
500 mA, 50 V NPN resistor-equipped transistors 1.4 Quick reference data
Table 2. Symbol VCEO IO R1 Quick reference data Parameter collector-emitter voltage output current bias resistor 1 (input) PDTD113EU PDTD113ZU PDTD123EU PDTD123YU PD...

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