Datasheet Cree XHP50A-00-0000-0D0HH40CB

Part NumberXHP50A-00-0000-0D0HH40CB
Datasheet Cree XHP50A-00-0000-0D0HH40CB

High Power White XLamp LEDs


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CLD-DS111 Rev 0F Product family data sheet cree® Xlamp® XhP50 leds Product descriPtion
SC5 TechnologyTM Platform, features
the Binned at 85 °C PCB layout 3000 mA (6 V), 1500 mA (12 V) 1.2 °C/W Wide viewing angle: 120° Unlimited floor life at 30 єC/85% RH J-STD-020C
® table of contents
Characteristics .2 Flux Characteristics, easyWhite® Order Codes and Bins .3 Flux Characteristics, ANSI White Order Codes and Bins .6 Relative Spectral Power Distribution .9 Relative Flux vs. Junction Temperature .9 electrical Characteristics .10 Relative Flux vs. Current .11 Relative Chromaticity vs Current.12 Relative Chromaticity vs Temperature .13 Typical Spatial Distribution .13 Thermal Design .14 Performance Groups ­ Luminous Flux .15 Performance Groups ­ Chromaticity 15 Cree's Standard White Chromaticity Regions Plotted on the CIe 1931 Curve .18 Cree's Standard Cool White Kits Plotted on ANSI Standard Chromaticity Regions .21 Cree's Standard Warm and Neutral White Kits Plotted on ANSI Standard Chromaticity Regions .22 Bin and Order-Code Format .23 Powered by Cree's groundbreaking Available in white XLamp XHP50 LeD is a member of Configurable to 6 V or 12 V by Cree's extreme High Power (XHP) class and reliability to r...

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Series: XHP50 (100 from 236)

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XHP50A0000000D0HH40CB, XHP50A 00 0000 0D0HH40CB