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Datasheet Texas Instruments LMH6882SQ/NOPB

Datasheet Texas Instruments LMH6882SQ/NOPB

ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Part NumberLMH6882SQ/NOPB

2.4 GHz Dual Programmable Differential Amplifier with Gain Control 36-WQFN -40 to 85


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    LMH6882 DC to 2.4-GHz, High-Linearity, Dual, Programmable Differential Amplifier datasheet
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    SNOSC84D – AUGUST 2012 – REVISED FEBRUARY 2015 LMH6882 DC to 2.4-GHz, High-Linearity, Dual, Programmable Differential Amplifier
    1 Features 3 Description The LMH6882 is a high-speed, high-performance
    programmable differential amplifier. With a bandwidth
    of 2.4 GHz and high linearity of 42 dBm OIP3, the
    LMH6882 is suitable for a wide variety of signal
    conditioning applications. 1 Small Signal Bandwidth: 2400 MHz
    OIP3 @ 100 MHz: 42 dBm
    HD3 @ 100 MHz: -100 dBc
    Noise Figure: 9.7 dB
    Voltage Gain: 26 dB to 6 dB
    Voltage Gain Step Size: 0.25 dB
    Input Impedance: 100 Ω
    Parallel and Serial Gain Control
    Power Down Capability 2 Applications Microwave Backhaul Radio Receiver
    Zero IF Sampling
    In-Phase/Quadrature (I/Q) Sampling
    Medical Imaging ...


Family: LMH6882


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityYes


Package TypeNJK
Package QTY1000
CarrierLARGE T&R
Device MarkingLMH6882


Acl, min spec gain2 V/V
BW @ Acl2400 MHz
Max Gain26 dB
Number of Channels2
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 C
Slew Rate(Typ)6000 V/us
Vs(Max)5.25 V
Vs(Min)4.75 V

Eco Plan


Design Kits & Evaluation Modules

  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: LMH6882EVAL
    LMH6882 Evaluation Module
    Lifecycle Status: Active (Recommended for new designs)

Moldel Line

Series: LMH6882 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors > Amplifiers > Programmable & Variable Gain Amplifiers (PGA/VGA)
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