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Datasheet Texas Instruments LDC1612DNTR

Datasheet Texas Instruments LDC1612DNTR

ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Part NumberLDC1612DNTR

2-channel, 28-bit Inductance-to-Digital Converter with I2C for Inductive Sensing 12-WSON -40 to 125


  • Download » Datasheet, PDF, 1.8 Mb, 11-17-2014, File uploaded 03-20-2018
    LDC1612, LDC1614 Multi-Channel 28-Bit Inductance to Digital Converter (LDC) for Inductive Sensing datasheet
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    Documents LDC1612, LDC1614
    SNOSCY9 – DECEMBER 2014 LDC1612, LDC1614 Multi-Channel 28-Bit Inductance to Digital Converter (LDC) for
    Inductive Sensing
    1 Features 3 Description The LDC1612 and LDC1614 are 2-and 4-channel,
    28-bit inductance to digital converters (LDCs) for
    inductive sensing solutions. With multiple channels
    and support for remote sensing, the LDC1612 and
    LDC1614 enable the performance and reliability
    benefits of inductive sensing to be realized at minimal
    cost and power. The products are easy to use, only
    requiring that the sensor frequency be within 1 kHz
    and 10 MHz to begin sensing. The wide 1 kHz to 10
    MHz sensor frequency range also enables use of
    very small PCB coils, further reducing sensing
    solution cost and size. 1 Easy-to-use – minimal configuration required
    Measure up to 4 sensors with one IC
    Multiple channels support environmental and
    aging compensation ...


Family: LDC1612, LDC1614


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityNo


Package TypeDNT
Industry STD TermWSON
Package QTY4500
CarrierLARGE T&R
Device MarkingLDC1612
Width (mm)4
Length (mm)4
Thickness (mm).75
Pitch (mm).5
Max Height (mm).8
Mechanical DataDownload »


# Input Channels2
Active Supply Current(Typ)2.1 mA
Analog Supply (V)2.7 Max
L (Inductance) Resolution28 Bits
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 125 C
Oscillation Amplitude(Max)1.8 V
Oscillation Amplitude(Min)0.7 V
Package GroupWSON
Package Size: mm2:W x LSee datasheet (WSON) PKG
Response Time(Max)N/A 1/fsensor
Response Time(Min)245 1/fsensor
Rp (Parallel Resonance Impedance) ResolutionN/A Bits
Sensor Frequency1k to 10M Hz
Sensor Rp Range(Max)100K Ohms
Sensor Rp Range(Min)250 Ohms
Stand-By Current(Typ)35 uA

Eco Plan


Design Kits & Evaluation Modules

  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: LDCCOILEVM
    Reference Coil Board Evaluation Module
    Lifecycle Status: Active (Recommended for new designs)
  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: LDC1612EVM
    LDC1612 Evaluation Module for Inductance to Digital Converter with Sample PCB Coils
    Lifecycle Status: Active (Recommended for new designs)

Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 2.6 Mb, 03-30-2016
    Inductive Sensing Touch-On-Metal Buttons Design Guide
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 239 Kb, 04-20-2015
    LDC1612 LDC1614 Linear Position Sensing
    This application note explains how both approaches can be used to determine the position of a target that is moved laterally above the sensor coil and provides system design guidelines for each approach. Resolution calculations are based on the 28-bit devices LDC1612 and LDC1614, but the same principles apply to other LDCs such as LDC1000, LDC1041, LDC1312, and LDC1314.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 215 Kb, 03-18-2016
    Power Reduction Techniques for the LDC131x/161x for Inductive Sensing
    Inductive sensing is a contactless technique for applications ranging from position or motion measurement of a conductive target to detection of spring compression or extension. Depending on the specific application, there are different system requirements regarding sensitivity, responsiveness, and power. Power consumption is a key parameter for many applications, including wearables, consumer ele
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 108 Kb, 02-12-2016
    Optimizing L Measurement Resolution for the LDC161x and LDC1101
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 102 Kb, 10-09-2016
    LDC1312, LDC1314, LDC1612, LDC1614 Sensor Status Monitoring
    TI’s multichannel inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs) LDC1612, LDC1614, LDC1312 and LDC1314feature three different methods for reporting conversion status information including errors, warnings, andcompleted conversion results. Information is available through the data registers, the status registers, andthe INTB pin of the device. This application note explains usage and interpretation
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 255 Kb, Revision: A, 06-01-2015
    Configuring Inductive-to-Digital-Converters for Parallel Resistance (RP) Variati (Rev. A)
    This application note reviews sensor RP configuration for LDC devices. LDC1000, LDC1041, LDC1051, LDC1312, LDC1314, LDC1612, LDC1614 are covered in this note. Clear understanding on how to set the RP_MIN and RP_MAX registers is necessary for not only RP measurements, but also for optimum L measurements. The fundamental principle of RP measurements is that magnetic fields from an LC circuit ge
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 298 Kb, 04-05-2016
    Setting LDC1312/4, LDC1612/4, and LDC1101 Sensor Drive Configuration
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 151 Kb, 02-22-2017
    EMI Considerations for Inductive Sensing
    This application note explains various EMI reduction techniques to help improve EMI performance for TI'sInductance-to-Digital Converters (LDC). Each section details a general technique with references to otheruseful online documents. A list of relevant EMI reduction techniques is provided for specific devices withinthe LDC family of products.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 360 Kb, Revision: B, 03-21-2017
    LDC Device Selection Guide (Rev. B)
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 1.0 Mb, 03-24-2015
    LDC Sensor Design
    Getting the best performance out of an LDC requires a sensor suitable for the measurement. This app-note covers the parameters to consider when designing a sensor for a specific application. Specific areas of focus include the physical routing characteristics of PCB based sensors, considerations for the sensor capacitor, and techniques to minimize or compensate for parasitic effects.
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 907 Kb, Revision: A, 05-09-2017
    LDC1xxx LDC Target Design (Rev. A)
    Texas Instruments’ Inductive-to-Digital Converter (LDC) technology can accurately measure with a wide variety of target sizes, shapes, and material composition. There are several target design guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of an LDC measurement system. This application note covers the relevant factors of target design that affect inductive sensing, and provides guide
  • Download » Application Notes, PDF, 205 Kb, 10-01-2015
    Measuring Rp of an L-C Sensor for Inductive Sensing
    When designing an application using TI’s LDC series of inductive sensors, it is necessary to know the L-C sensor’s equivalent parallel resistance RP at the sensor’s resonant frequency. The RP value changes as the target is moved; the minimum RP occurs when the metal target is closest to the sensor. The maximum RP occurs when the target is at the farthest distance. Accordingly, both values should b

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Series: LDC1612 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors > Sensing Products > Inductive Sensing > Inductance to Digital Converters
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