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Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV431BCDBVR

Datasheet Texas Instruments TLV431BCDBVR

ManufacturerTexas Instruments
Part NumberTLV431BCDBVR

Low-Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator 5-SOT-23 0 to 70


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    TLV431x Low-Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator datasheet
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    Documents TLV431, TLV431A, TLV431B
    SLVS139W – JULY 1996 – REVISED MARCH 2018 TLV431x Low-Voltage Adjustable Precision Shunt Regulator
    1 Features 3 Description The TLV431 device is a low-voltage 3-terminal
    adjustable voltage reference with specified thermal
    stability over applicable industrial and commercial
    temperature ranges. Output voltage can be set to any
    value between VREF (1.24 V) and 6 V with two
    external resistors (see the Parameter Measurement
    Information section). These devices operate from a
    lower voltage (1.24 V) than the widely used TL431
    and TL1431 shunt-regulator references. 1 Low-Voltage Operation, VREF = 1.24 V
    Adjustable Output Voltage, VO = VREF to 6 V
    Reference Voltage Tolerances at 25В°C
    – 0.5% for TLV431B
    – 1% for TLV431A
    – 1.5% for TLV431
    Typical Temperature Drift
    – 4 mV (0°C to 70°C) ...


Family: TLV431, TLV431A, TLV431B


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityYes


Package TypeDBVDBV
Industry STD TermSOT-23SOT-23
Package QTY30003000
Device MarkingY3GUY3GG
Width (mm)1.61.6
Length (mm)2.92.9
Thickness (mm)1.21.2
Pitch (mm).95.95
Max Height (mm)1.451.45
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Initial Accuracy(Max)0.5 %
Iout/Iz(Max)15 mA
Min Iz for Regulation55 uA
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 125,-40 to 85,0 to 70 C
Package GroupSOT-23
Package Size: mm2:W x L3SOT-23: 4 mm2: 1.3 x 2.92(SOT-23) PKG
Pin/Package3SOT-23, 3SOT-89, 3TO-92, 5SOT-23, 6SC70
Reference VoltageAdjustable
Temp Coeff(Max)138 ppm/ degree C
Temp Coeff(Typ)46 ppm/ degree C
VO Adj(Max)6 V
VO Adj(Min)1.24 V

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Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 129 Kb, Revision: B, File published: Sep 6, 2011
    Supplying TPS61200 With a Single Solar Cell (Rev. B)
    This application report explains how to use the TPS61200 in combination with a single solar cell to charge a battery or storage device. A characteristic of solar cells is the internal resistance that can vary from less than 10 Ω up to more than 100 Ω. Therefore it is important to control the load placed on the solar cell to ensure a reliable start-up of the application. This report describes an a

Moldel Line

Series: TLV431B (49)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors > Power Management > Voltage Reference > Shunt Voltage Reference
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