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Datasheet Linear Technology LTM8042IV#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTM8042IV#PBF

Module (Power Module) Boost LED Driver and Current Source


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    LTM8042/LTM8042-1 - uModule Boost LED Driver and Current Source
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    µModule Boost LED Driver
    and Current Source
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION True Color PWM™ with 3000:1 Dimming Ratio
    n Operates in Boost, Buck Mode or Buck-Boost Mode
    n Wide Input Voltage Range: Operation from 3V to 30V Transient Protection to 40V
    n Gate Driver for Optional PWM Dimming with
    P-channel MOSFET
    n Adjustable Frequency: 250kHz to 2MHz
    n Constant-Current and Constant-Voltage Regulatio Low Shutdown Current: <1μA
    n RoHS Compliant Package with Gold Pad Finish
    n Tiny, Low Profile (9mm × 15mm × 2.82mm)
    Surface Mount LGA Package The LTM®8042 is a complete µModule® Boost LED Driver
    specifically designed to drive LEDs up to 1A, while the
    LTM8042-1 drives up to 350mA. It combines a boost
    power topology with a unique current loop to operate as
    a constant-current source. The PWM input provides as
    much as 3000:1 LED dimming, while 10:1 analog dimming
    can be accomplished by a single resistor or analog voltage
    applied to the CTL pin. As with any boost topology, the
    LTM8042/LTM8042-1 has an uninterrupted current path
    between its input and output and is thus intolerant to a
    short-circuit or overload from the output to ground. n APPLICATIONS Display Backlighting Automotive and Avionic Lighting ...



Package15mm x 9mm x 2.82mm LGA
Package CodeLGA


ArchitectureImproved Average Output Current Control
Demo BoardsDC1511A-A,DC1511A-B
Design ToolsLTspice File
Dimming3000:1 PWM, 10:1 Analog
Export Controlno yes/no
FeaturesConstant Current Constant Voltage, True Color PWM Dimming, Soft Start
Frequency2500 kHz
Ishutdown0.1 µA
Isupply4.2 mA
Max Number of LEDs10
Monolithicyes yes/no
Number of Outputs1
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Output Current1 A
Switch Current1 A
Synchronousno yes/no
TopologyBoost, Buck, LED Driver
Vin Max30 V
Vin Min3 V
Vout Max32 V

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Moldel Line

Series: LTM8042 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > LED Driver ICs > Buck-Boost LED Drivers | Multitopology LED Driver | Step-Up (Boost) LED Drivers | Step-Down (Buck) LED Drivers
  • Power Management > Current Sources
  • Module Solutions > Module LED Drivers

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