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Datasheet Maxim MAX4198EUA

Part NumberMAX4198EUA

Micropower, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail Precision Differential Amplifiers


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    19-1445; Rev 1; 6/04 Micropower, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail
    Precision Differential Amplifiers
    The MAX4198/MAX4199 low-power, rail-to-rail differential
    amplifiers are ideal for single-supply applications that
    benefit from a low 0.01% gain error. The MAX4198 is factory trimmed to a fixed gain of +1V/V, and the MAX4199
    is trimmed to a fixed gain of +10V/V. Capable of operating from a single +2.7V to +7.5V supply or from dual
    ±1.35V to ±3.75V supplies, they consume only 42µA
    while achieving -3dB bandwidths of 175kHz (MAX4198)
    and 45kHz (MAX4199). These amplifiers feature a shutdown mode that reduces the supply current to 6.5µA.
    The MAX4198/MAX4199 can drive 5kΩ loads to within
    100mV from each rail. The standard differential amplifier configurations provide common-mode rejection of
    90dB for the MAX4198 and 110dB for the MAX4199.
    The input common-mode voltage range for the
    MAX4198 extends 100mV Beyond-the-Rails™.
    The MAX4198/MAX4199 are offered in a space-saving
    8-pin µMAX package. For complete micropower, rail-torail instrumentation amplifiers, see the MAX4194–
    MAX4197 data sheet. Features
    ♦ Low 0.01% Gain Error
    ♦ High Common-Mode Rejection: 110dB (MAX4199)
    ♦ 10µV Input Offset Voltage (MAX4199)
    30µV Input Offset Voltage (MAX4198)
    ♦ +2.7V to +7.5V Single-Supply Operation
    ♦ 42µA Supply Current ...


Moldel Line

Series: MAX4198 (5)

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  • Analog > Amplifiers
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