Datasheet Maxim MAX4236BESA+T

Part NumberMAX4236BESA+T

SOT23, Very High Precision, 3V/5V Rail-to-Rail Op Amps


Datasheet MAX4236, MAX4237
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SOT23, Very High Precision, 3V/5V Rail-to-Rail Op Amps
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Detailed Description

The MAX4236/MAX4237 are high-precision op amps that feature an exceptionally low offset voltage and offset voltage temperature coefficient without using any chopper techniques.

The MAX4236 and MAX4237 have a typical large-signal, open-loop voltage gain of 120dB. These devices have an ultra-low input-bias current of 1pA. The MAX4236 is unity-gain stable with a gain-bandwidth product of 1.7MHz, while the MAX4237 is stable for closed-loop gains greater than 5V/V with a gain-bandwidth product of 7.5MHz. Both devices have a shutdown function in which the quiescent current is reduced to less than 0.1µA, and the amplifier output is forced into a high-impedance state.

The input common-mode range of the MAX4236/MAX4237 extends below the negative supply range, and the output swings rail-to-rail . These features make the amplifiers ideal for applications with +3V or +5V single power supplies. The MAX4236/MAX4237 are specified for the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and are available in tiny SOT23, µMAX , and SO packages. For greater accuracy, the A grade µMAX and SO packages are tested to guarantee 20µV (max) offset voltage at +25°C and less then 2µV/°C drift.

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