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Datasheet Linear Technology LT6211CDD#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLT6211CDD#PBF

Dual Programmable Supply Current, R-R Output, Current Feedback Amplifiers


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    LT6210/LT6211: Single/Dual Programmable Supply Current, R-R Output, Current Feedback Amplifiers Data Sheet
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    Single/Dual Programmable
    Supply Current, R-R Output,
    Current Feedback Amplifiers
    Features Description Programmable Supply Current and Bandwidth:
    10MHz at 300ВµA per Amplifier up to
    200MHz at 6mA per Amplifier
    n Rail-to-Rail Output:
    0.05V to 2.85V on 3V Single Supply
    n High Slew Rate: 700V/Вµs
    n High Output Drive:
    В±75mA Minimum Output Current
    n C-Loadв„ў Op Amp Drives All Capacitive Loads
    n Low Distortion:
    –70dB HD2 at 1MHz 2VP-P
    –75dB HD3 at 1MHz 2VP-P
    n Fast Settling:
    20ns 0.1% Settling for 2V Step
    n Excellent Video Performance Into 150О© Load:
    Differential Gain of 0.20%, Differential Phase of 0.10В°
    n Wide Supply Range:
    3V to 12V Single Supply
    В±1.5V to В±6V Dual Supplies ...



Package3x3 DFN-10
Package CodeDD
Package Index05-08-1699


Av Min Stable1 V/V
Common Mode Rejection Ratio50 dB
Number of Channels2
Cload10000 pF
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Enoise Density6.5 nV/rtHz
Export Controlno
GBW200 MHz
HD2-70 dBc
HD3-75 dBc
Inoise4.5 pA/rtHz
Isupply5.8 mA
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 °C
Rail-to-Rail Inno
Rail-to-Rail Outyes
SR700 V/µs
Single Supplyno
Ts (0.1%)20 ns
VinCM High (from V+)0.8 V
VinCM Low (from V-)0.8 V
Voh (from V+)0.15 V
Vol (from V-)0.05 V
Vos1 mV
Vs Max13.2 V
Vs Min3 V

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LT6210 LT6210


  • Download » Articles - LT Journal PDF, 279 Kb, File published: May 1, 2004
    Flexible, High Speed Amplifiers Fit Many Roles
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    DESIGN FEATURES Flexible, High Speed Amplifiers
    by John Morris and Glen Brisebois
    Fit Many Roles
    IS = 3mA GAIN (dB) 6 Table 1 summarizes the performance
    of the LT6210 and LT6211 at three
    selected quiescent current levels. The
    majority of AC specifications improve
    linearly with supply current. Table 2
    shows the resistor values used to
    achieve these performance values. The
    frequency response with a 100mVP-P
    signal at the three selected supply cur-IS = 6mA
    IS = 300µA 3 0 –3 VS = ±5V
    AV = 2
    TA = 25В°C
    VOUT = 100mVP-P –6
    0.1 1 10
    FREQUENCY (MHz) 1000 Figure 1. Small signal response
    vs supply current (per amplifier) Performance OUTPUT (2V/DIV) OUTPUT (2V/DIV) Selecting the best operational amplifier for a particular application can
    be difficult. Fast amplifiers rarely
    have enough input or output range. ...

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Series: LT6211 (8)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > High Speed Amplifiers (GBW > 50MHz) | Current Feedback Amplifiers | High Voltage Amplifiers (>12V) | Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers
  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Video Functions

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