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Datasheet Microchip MIC7111YM5-TR

Part NumberMIC7111YM5-TR

The MIC7111 is a micropower operational amplifier featuring rail-to-rail input and output performance in Micrel's IttyBittyВ® SOT-23-5 package


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    MIC7111 Data Sheet
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    1.8V to 11V, 15ВµA, 25kHz GBW, Rail-to-Rail
    Input and Output Operational Amplifier General Description Features The MIC7111 is a low-power operational amplifier with railto-rail inputs and outputs. The device operates from a 1.8V
    to 11V single supply or an В±0.9V to В±5.5V dual supply. The
    device consumes a low 15ВµA of current from a 1.8V supply
    and 25ВµA from a 10V supply. The device features a unity
    gain bandwidth of 25kHz and swings within 1mV of either
    the supply rail with a 100kΩ load. The device is capable of
    sinking and sourcing 25mA of current from a 1.8V supply
    and up to 200mA from a 10V supply. The device is
    available in the cost effective SOT23-5 package. Datasheets and support documentation are available on
    Micrel’s web site at: 1.8V to 11V single supply operation
    В±0.9V to В±5.5V dual supply operation
    Low 15ВµA supply current at 1.8V
    25kHz gain bandwidth
    1mV input offset voltage (typical)
    1pA input bias current (typical)
    0.01pA input offset current (typical)
    Input-referred noise is 110nv/в€љHz at 1kHz
    Output swing to within 1mV of rails with 1.8V supply and
    100kО© load Suitable for driving capacitive loads Cost effective SOT23-5 package Applications Wireless and cellular communications
    GaAs RF bias amplifier
    Current sensing for battery chargers ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Aol114 dB
CMRR Min57 dB
DescriptionLinear Op Amps
GBWP25 kHz
Input Voltage Noise Density110 nV/rt(Hz)
Iq Max50 µA
Iq Typical20 µA
Isc100 mA
Number of Channels1
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Operating Voltage Range1.8 - 11 V
PM50 deg
PSRR Min65 dB
Unity Gain StableNo
Vos Max7000 µV

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Series: MIC7111 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Operational Amplifiers > General Purpose

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