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Datasheet Analog Devices ADD8504

ManufacturerAnalog Devices

4-Channel, Muxed Input Line Inversion LCD Gamma Buffer


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    ADD8504/ADD8505/ADD8506: 4-, 5-, 6-Channel, Muxed Input Line Inversion LCD Gamma Buffers Data Sheet
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    4-, 5-, 6-Channel, Muxed Input Line
    Inversion LCD Gamma Buffers
    LCD line inversion gamma references
    Car navigation panels
    Personal media player panels
    Automotive infotainment systems INA1 1 16 OUT1 INB1 2 15 OUT2 INA2 3 14 VCC1 INB2 4 13 A/B INA3 5 12 GND INB3 6 11 GND INA4 7 10 OUT3 INB4 8 9 OUT4 Figure 1. ADD8504, 4-Channel Buffer
    INA1 1 20 VCC1 INB1 2 19 OUT1 INA2 3 18 OUT2 INB2 4 17 OUT3 INA3 5 16 VCC2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION INB3 6 15 A/B The ADD8504, ADD8505, and ADD8506 are 4-, 5-, and
    6-channel LCD gamma reference buffers designed to drive
    column driver gamma inputs in line inversion panels. Each
    buffer channel has an A/B input to select between two gamma
    voltage curves. These buffer channels drive the resistor ladders
    of LCD column drivers for gamma correction. The ADD8504/
    ADD8505/ADD8506 outputs have high slew rates and output
    drives that increase the stability of the reference ladder resulting
    in optimal gray scale and visual performance. INA4 7 14 GND INB4 8 13 GND INA5 9 12 OUT4 INB5 10 11 OUT5 The ADD8504/ADD8505/ADD8506 are specified over the
    -40В°C to +105В°C temperature range. They are available, respectively, in 16-, 20-, and 24-lead thin shrink small outline (TSSOP),
    surface-mount, Pb-free packages. The ADD8506 is also offered
    in a leaded TSSOP.
    The ADD8506WWARUZR7 is the automotive grade version. 05549-001 PIN CONFIGURATION DIAGRAMS 05549-002 Single-supply operation: 3.3 V to 6.5 V
    Rail-to-rail input, rail-to-rail output
    High output current: 380 mA
    Low supply current: 3.9 mA ...



Lifecycle StatusLast Time Buy (Product will be obsolete soon)Obsolete (Manufacturer has discontinued the production of the device)Last Time Buy (Product will be obsolete soon)


Package16 ld TSSOP16 ld TSSOP16 ld TSSOP
Package CodeRU-16RU-16RU-16


Number of Channels444
Iq/Amp(typ), A2.7m2.7m2.7m
Operating Temperature Range, °C-40 to 105-40 to 105-40 to 105
Rail to RailBothBothBoth
Slew Rate(typ), V/us777
Vos(max), V20m20m20m
Vs span(max), V6.56.56.5
Vs span(min), V3.33.33.3

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Moldel Line

Series: ADD8504 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Audio & Video Products > Analog LCD Display Drivers
  • Amplifiers > High Output Current Op Amps ≥ 100mA > Rail-to-Rail Op Amps > Current Feedback Op Amps

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