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Micropower Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator


LT1025 - Micropower Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator
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Package Outline Drawing
Package Outline Drawing
Package Outline Drawing
Package Outline Drawing
Package CodeNNS8S8
Package Index05-08-1510 (N8)05-08-1510 (N8)05-08-1610 (S8)05-08-1610 (S8)
Pin Count8888


Parameters / ModelsLT1025ACN8#PBFLT1025CN8#PBFLT1025CS8#PBFLT1025CS8#TRPBF
Export Controlnononono
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 700 to 70

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Application Notes

  • Methods for Measuring Op Amp Settling Time &mdash AN10
    PDF, 277 Kb, File published: Jul 1, 1985
    The AN10 begins with a survey of methods for measuring op amp settling time. This commentary develops into circuits for measuring settling time to 0.0005%. Construction details and results are presented. Appended sections cover oscilloscope overload limitations and amplifier frequency compensation.
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  • Thermocouple Measurement &mdash AN28
    PDF, 988 Kb, File published: Feb 1, 1988
    Considerations for thermocouple-based temperature measurement are discussed. A tutorial on temperature sensors summarizes performance of various types, establishing a perspective on thermocouples. Thermocouples are then focused on. Included are sections covering cold-junction compensation, amplifier selection, differential/isolation techniques, protection, and linearization. Complete schematics are given for all circuits. Processor- based linearization is also presented with the necessary software detailed.
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  • Measurement and Control Circuit Collection &mdash AN45
    PDF, 1.2 Mb, File published: Jun 5, 1991
    A variety of measurement and control circuits are included in this application note. Eighteen circuits, including ultra low noise amplifiers, current sources, transducer signal conditioners, oscillators, data converters and power supplies are presented. The circuits emphasize precision specifications with relatively simple configurations.
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  • Linear Technology Magazine Circuit Collection, Volume III &mdash AN67
    PDF, 1.2 Mb, File published: Sep 1, 1996
    Application Note 67 is a collection of circuits for data conversion, interface and signal processing from the first five years of Linear Technology. This application note includes circuits such as fast video multiplexers for high speed video, an ultraselective bandpass filter circuit with adjustable gain, and a fully differential, 8-channel, 12-bit A/D system. The categories included in this app note are data conversion, interface, filters, instrumentation, video/op amps and miscellaneous circuits.
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Design Notes

  • Ultraprecise Instrumentation Amplifier Makes Robust Thermocouple Interface &mdash DN302
    PDF, 73 Kb, File published: Jan 1, 2003
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  • Temperature Measurement Using Data Acquisition Systems &mdash DN5
    PDF, 77 Kb, File published: Mar 1, 1989
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  • Signal Conditioning > Thermocouple Compensators