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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC1198-2

ManufacturerLinear Technology

8-Bit, SO-8, 1MSPS ADCs with Auto-Shutdown Options


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 921 Kb, Revision: B, File uploaded: Aug 16, 2017
    LTC1196/LTC1198 - 8-Bit, SO-8, 1MSPS ADCs with Auto-Shutdown Options
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    8-Bit, SO-8, 1Msps ADCs
    with Auto-Shutdown Options
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION High Sampling Rates: 1MHz (LTC1196)
    750kHz (LTC1198)
    Low Cost
    Single Supply 3V and 5V Specifications
    Low Power: 10mW at 3V Supply
    50mW at 5V Supply
    Auto-Shutdown: 1nA Typical (LTC1198)
    В±1/2LSB Total Unadjusted Error over Temperature
    3-Wire Serial I/O
    1V to 5V Input Span Range (LTC1196)
    Converts 1MHz Inputs to 7 Effective Bits
    Differential Inputs (LTC1196)
    2-Channel MUX (LTC1198)
    SO-8 Plastic Package n The 3-wire serial I/O, SO-8 packages, 3V operation and
    extremely high sample rate-to-power ratio make these
    ADCs an ideal choice for compact, high speed systems.
    These ADCs can be used in ratiometric applications or
    with external references. The high impedance analog inputs and the ability to operate with reduced spans below
    1V full scale (LTC1196) allow direct connection to signal
    sources in many applications, eliminating the need for ...




Bipolar/Unipolar InputUnipolarUnipolarUnipolarUnipolar
Bits, bits8888
Number of Channels2222
DNL, LSB1111
Export Controlnononono
I/OSerial SPISerial SPISerial SPISerial SPI
Input DriveSingle-Ended, Pseudo-DifferentialSingle-Ended, Pseudo-DifferentialSingle-Ended, Pseudo-DifferentialSingle-Ended, Pseudo-Differential
Input Span0V to 5V0V to 5V0V to 5V0V to 5V
Internal Referencenononono
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 700 to 70
Power, mW50505050
SFDR, dB55555555
SINAD, dB47474747
Speed, ksps600600600600
Supply Voltage Range3V, 5V3V, 5V3V, 5V3V, 5V
THD dB, dB-49-49-49-49

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LTC1196-1 LTC1196-2 LTC1198-1

Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes - AN62 PDF, 349 Kb, File published: Oct 1, 1994
    Data Acquisition Circuit Collection
    This application note presents a wide variety of data acquisition circuits. The detailed circuit schematics cover 8-, 10-, and 12- bit ADC and DAC applications, serial and parallel digital interfaces, battery monitoring, temperature sensing, isolated interfaces, and connections to various popular microprocessors and microcontrollers. An appendix covers suggested voltage references.
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    Application Note 62
    October 1994
    Data Acquisition Circuit Collection
    Kevin R. Hoskins
    This application note features 8-, 10-, and 12-bit data
    acquisition components in various circuit configurations.
    The circuits include battery monitoring, temperature sensing, isolated serial interfaces, and microprocessor and
    microcontroller serial and parallel interfaces. Also included are voltage reference circuits (Application Note 42
    contains more voltage reference circuits). Additional circuit information is located in the information
    references listed in the Circuit Index. Each information
    reference refers to either an application note (example:
    AN42 = Application Note 42), a data sheet (example:
    LTCВ®1292 DS = LTC1292 Data Sheet), or a design note
    (example: DN66 = Design Note 66).
    and LTC are registered trademarks and LT is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. CIRCUIT INDEX
    General Analog-to-Digital Application Circuits
    Two-Quadrant 150kHz Bandwidth Analog Multiplier . Figure 1 .
    Infinite Hold-Time Sample-and-Hold (tACQ = 240ns) . Figure 2 .
    Four-Quadrant 250kHz Bandwidth Analog Multiplier . Figure 3 .
    Demodulating a Signal Using Undersampling . Figure 4 . ...


  • Download » Articles - LT Journal PDF, 549 Kb, File published: Sep 1, 1992
    Design Techniques for Electrostatic Discharge Protection
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    Design Techniques for
    Electrostatic Discharge
    Protection. 1
    Sean Gold Editor's Page . 2
    Richard Markell DESIGN FEATURES
    LT1190 Family
    Op Amps Eclipse Prior Art
    . 3
    John Wright and Mitchell Lee LTC1196/1198 SAR ADCs
    Beat Half-Flashes and Run
    on 3 or 5V Supplies . 6
    William Rempfer and Marco Pan DESIGN INFORMATION
    LT1112/LT1114 Dual/Quad
    Precision Op Amps have
    Universal Appeal . 11
    George Erdi The LTC1157 Dual 3.3V
    Micropower MOSFET Driver
    . 13
    Tim Skovmand World’s Lowest-Noise Op Amp ...

Moldel Line

Series: LTC1198-2 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Conversion > Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) > Precision ADCs (Fs < 10Msps) > Multi Channel ADCs

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