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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC1282

ManufacturerLinear Technology

3V 140ksps 12-Bit Sampling A/D Converter with Reference


  • Download » Datasheet, PDF, 370 Kb, Revision: A, File uploaded 08-16-2017
    LTC1282 - 3V 140ksps 12-Bit Sampling A/D Converter with Reference
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    3V 140ksps 12-Bit
    Sampling A/D Converter
    with Reference U DESCRIPTIO FEATURES

    ■ Single Supply 3V or ±3V Operation
    140ksps Throughput Rate
    12mW (Typ) Power Dissipation
    On-Chip 25ppm/°C Reference
    Internal Synchronized Clock; No Clock Required
    High Impedance Analog Input
    69dB S/(N + D) and 77dB THD at Nyquist
    ±0.5LSB INL and ±0.75LSB DNL Max (A Grade) ...




Bipolar/Unipolar InputUnipolar, True BipolarUnipolar, True BipolarUnipolar, True BipolarUnipolar, True BipolarUnipolar, True BipolarUnipolar, True Bipolar
Bits, bits121212121212
Number of Channels111111
DNL, LSB0.750.750.750.750.750.75
Export Controlnononononono
Input DriveSingle-EndedSingle-EndedSingle-EndedSingle-EndedSingle-EndedSingle-Ended
Input Span0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V0V to 2.5V, ±1.25V
Internal Referenceyesyesyesyesyesyes
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 700 to 700 to 700 to 70
Power, mW121212121212
SFDR, dB777777777777
SINAD, dB696969696969
Speed, ksps140140140140140140
Supply Voltage Range3V, ±3V3V, ±3V3V, ±3V3V, ±3V3V, ±3V3V, ±3V
THD dB, dB-77-77-77-77-77-77

Eco Plan

Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes - AN62, PDF, 349 Kb, 10-01-1994
    Data Acquisition Circuit Collection
    This application note presents a wide variety of data acquisition circuits. The detailed circuit schematics cover 8-, 10-, and 12- bit ADC and DAC applications, serial and parallel digital interfaces, battery monitoring, temperature sensing, isolated interfaces, and connections to various popular microprocessors and microcontrollers. An appendix covers suggested voltage references.
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    Application Note 62
    October 1994
    Data Acquisition Circuit Collection
    Kevin R. Hoskins
    This application note features 8-, 10-, and 12-bit data
    acquisition components in various circuit configurations.
    The circuits include battery monitoring, temperature sensing, isolated serial interfaces, and microprocessor and
    microcontroller serial and parallel interfaces. Also included are voltage reference circuits (Application Note 42
    contains more voltage reference circuits). Additional circuit information is located in the information
    references listed in the Circuit Index. Each information
    reference refers to either an application note (example:
    AN42 = Application Note 42), a data sheet (example:
    LTC®1292 DS = LTC1292 Data Sheet), or a design note
    (example: DN66 = Design Note 66).
    and LTC are registered trademarks and LT is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. CIRCUIT INDEX
    General Analog-to-Digital Application Circuits
    Two-Quadrant 150kHz Bandwidth Analog Multiplier . Figure 1 .
    Infinite Hold-Time Sample-and-Hold (tACQ = 240ns) . Figure 2 .
    Four-Quadrant 250kHz Bandwidth Analog Multiplier . Figure 3 .
    Demodulating a Signal Using Undersampling . Figure 4 . ...

Design Notes

  • Download » Design Notes - DN66, PDF, 74 Kb, 01-01-1993
    New 5V and 3V, 12-Bit ADCs Sample at 300kHz on 75mW and 140kHz on 12mW
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    New 5V and 3V, 12-Bit ADCs Sample at 300kHz on 75mW
    and 140kHz on 12mW -Design Note 66
    William Rempfer Complete ADCs Provide Lowest Power and
    Highest Speed on Single or Dual Supplies
    The LTC1273/5/6 and LTC1282 provide complete
    A/D solutions at previously impossible speed/power
    levels. As shown in Table 1, the LTC1273/5/6 all have
    the same 300kHz maximum sampling rate and 75mW
    typical power dissipation. The LTC1273 digitizes 0V
    to 5V inputs from a single 5V rail. The LTC1275 and
    LTC1276 operate on ±5V rails and digitize ±2.5V and
    ±5V inputs, respectively.
    Table 1. Four New Complete ADCs Offer High Supplies
    and Low Power on Single or Dual 5V or 3V Supplies
    RATE at FINPUT (Typ) LTC1273 Single 5V 0V to 5V 300kHz LTC1275/6
    LTC1282 ±5V ±2.5/±5V 70dB at 75mW
    100kHz 300kHz 70dB at 75mW
    100kHz Single 3V 0V to 2.5V 140kHz
    or ±3V
    or ±1.25 140kHz 68dB at 12mW ...
  • Download » Design Notes - DN88, PDF, 88 Kb, 11-01-1994
    New 500ksps and 600ksps ADCs Match Needs of High Speed Applications
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    500ksps and 600ksps ADCs Match Needs of
    High Speed Applications – Design Note 88
    Kevin R. Hoskins Power Shutdown: 5mW Wakes Up in a Scant 300ns Single 5V or ±5V Supply Voltage Operation Low Power Dissipation: 150mW (Max), 75mW (Typ) Small 24-Pin SO or 24-Pin Narrow DIP Packages
    The LTC1278/LTC1279’s DC performance includes
    ±1LSB INL and DNL, no missing codes, and an internal
    voltage reference with a full-scale drift of only 25ppm/°C.
    The AC performance includes 70dB (Min) SINAD,
    –78dB (Max) THD, and –82dB (Max) spurious-free
    dynamic range. These specifications were measured
    at fS = 500ksps (LTC1278) or fS = 600ksps (LTC1279),
    fIN = 100kHz, and are guaranteed over the operating
    temperature range. The plot of effective-number-of-bits
    (ENOB) shown in Figure 1 clearly indicates that the
    LTC1278/LTC1279 can accurately sample signals that
    contain spectral energy beyond the Nyquist frequency.
    Newest High Speed ADC Family Members
    The LTC1278/LTC1279 are self-contained ADC systems
    composed of a fast capacitively-based charge redistribution Successive Approximation Register (SAR)
    sampling ADC, internal reference, power shutdown,
    and internally generated and synchronized conversion
    11/94/88_conv 74
    68 12
    11 62 10 ...

Moldel Line

Series: LTC1282 (6)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Conversion > Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) > Precision ADCs (Fs < 10Msps) > Single Channel ADCs

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