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Datasheet Linear Technology LTM9002-AA

ManufacturerLinear Technology

14-Bit, 125Msps Dual-Channel IF/ Baseband Receiver Subsystem


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    LTM9002 - 14-Bit Dual-Channel IF/ Baseband Receiver Subsystem
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    14-Bit Dual-Channel IF/
    Baseband Receiver Subsystem
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION n The LTM®9002 is a 14-bit dual-channel IF receiver subsystem. Utilizing an integrated system in a package (SiP)
    technology, it includes a dual high-speed 14-bit A/D converter, matching network, anti-aliasing filter and two low
    noise, differential amplifiers. It is designed for digitizing
    wide dynamic range signals with an intermediate frequency
    (IF) up to 300MHz. The amplifiers allow either AC-or DCcoupled input drive. Lowpass or bandpass filter networks
    can be implemented with various bandwidths. Contact
    Linear Technology regarding customization. n Integrated Dual 14-Bit, High-Speed ADC, Passive
    Filters and Fixed Gain Differential Amplifiers
    Up to 300MHz IF Range
    Lowpass and Bandpass Filter Versions
    Integrated Low Noise, Low Distortion Amplifiers
    Fixed Gain: 8dB, 14dB, 20dB or 26dB
    50Ω, 200Ω or 400Ω Input Impedance
    Integrated Bypass Capacitance, No External
    Components Required
    66dB SNR Up to 140MHz Input (LTM9002-AA)
    76dB SFDR Up to 140MHz Input (LTM9002-AA)
    Auxiliary 12-Bit DACs for Gain Adjustment
    Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
    Single 3V to 3.3V Supply ...




ADC INL, LSB1.51.5
Bits, bits1414
Number of Channels22
DNL, LSB0.60.6
Demo BoardsDC1298A-AADC1298A-AA
Export Controlnono
FeaturesClock Duty Cycle StabilizerClock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
I/OParallel CMOSParallel CMOS
Input DriveDifferential, Single-EndedDifferential, Single-Ended
Input Span100mVpp100mVpp
Internal Referenceyesyes
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 70-40 to 85
Power, mW13291329
SFDR, dB8282
SINAD, dB6666
SNR, dB6666
Speed, ksps125000125000
Supply Voltage Range3V3V

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Series: LTM9002-AA (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Conversion > Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) > High Speed ADCs (Fs >=10Msps)
  • Data Conversion > Signal Chain Module Receivers

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