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Datasheet Linear Technology LTM9004-AA

ManufacturerLinear Technology

14-Bit Direct Conversion Receiver Subsystem


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    LTM9004 - 14-Bit Direct Conversion Receiver Subsystem
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    14-Bit Direct Conversion
    Receiver Subsystem
    Features Description Integrated Dual 14-Bit, High-Speed ADC, Lowpass
    Filter, Differential Gain Stages and I/Q Demodulator
    n Lowpass Filter for Each ADC Channel 1.92MHz (LTM9004-AA) 4.42MHz (LTM9004-AB) 9.42MHz (LTM9004-AC) 20MHz (LTM9004-AD)
    n RF Input Frequency Range: 0.7GHz to 2.7GHz
    n 50Ω Single-Ended RF and LO Ports
    n I/Q Gain Mismatch: 0.2dB Typical
    n I/Q Phase Mismatch: 1.5 Deg Typical
    n Voltage-Adjustable Demodulator DC Offsets
    n 76dB/1.92MHz SNR (LTM9004-AA)
    n 63.5dB SFDR (LTM9004-AA)
    n Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer
    n Low Power: 1.83W
    n Shutdown and Nap Modes
    n 15mm × 22mm LGA Package The LTM®9004 is a 14-bit direct conversion receiver subsystem. Utilizing an integrated system in a package (SiP)
    technology, the LTM9004 is a μModule® receiver that
    includes a dual high speed 14-bit A/D converter, lowpass
    filter, differential gain stages and a quadrature demodulator. Contact Linear Technology regarding customization. n Applications Telecommunications Direct Conversion Receivers
    n Cellular Basestations
    n The LTM9004 is perfect for zero-IF communications
    applications, with AC performance that includes 76dB ...



Package22mm × 15mm × 2.91mm LGA22mm × 15mm × 2.91mm LGA
Package CodeLGALGA


ADC14-Bit, 125Msps14-Bit, 125Msps
AmplifierFixed Gain Differential AmplifierFixed Gain Differential Amplifier
Bits, bits1414
Number of Channels11
Demo BoardsDC1513B-AA,DC1513B-AB,DC1513B-AC,DC1513B-ADDC1513B-AA,DC1513B-AB,DC1513B-AC,DC1513B-AD
Digital I/OCMOS, ParallelCMOS, Parallel
Export Control, yes/nonono
FilterLow Pass, DC-1.92MHzLow Pass, DC-1.92MHz
Input Impedance, ohms5050
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 70-40 to 85
Power, mW18301830
SFDR, dB63.563.5
SINAD, dB58.558.5
Speed, sps125000000125000000
Supply Voltage Range5V, 3.0V5V, 3.0V

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LTM9004-AB LTM9004-AC LTM9004-AD

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Series: LTM9004-AA (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Conversion > Signal Chain Module Receivers
  • Data Conversion > Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) > High Speed ADCs (Fs >=10Msps)

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