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Datasheet Linear Technology LTM9012

ManufacturerLinear Technology

Quad 14-Bit, 125Msps ADC with Integrated Drivers


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    LTM9012 - Quad 14-Bit, 125Msps ADC with Integrated Drivers
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    Quad 14-Bit, 125Msps ADC
    with Integrated Drivers
    Features Description 4-Channel Simultaneous Sampling ADC with
    Integrated, Fixed Gain, Differential Drivers
    n 68.3dB SNR
    n 78dB SFDR
    n Low Power: 1.27W Total, 318mW per Channel
    n 1.8V ADC Core and 3.3V Analog Input Supply
    n Serial LVDS Outputs: 1 or 2 Bits per Channel
    n Shutdown and Nap Modes
    n 11.25mm × 15mm BGA Package The LTM®9012 is a 4-channel, simultaneous sampling
    14-bit µModule® analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with
    integrated, fixed gain, differential ADC drivers. The low
    noise amplifiers are suitable for single-ended drive and
    pulse train signals such as imaging applications. Each
    channel includes a lowpass filter between the driver output and ADC input. n DC specs include ±1.2LSB INL (typ), ±0.3LSB DNL (typ)
    and no missing codes over temperature. The transition
    noise is a low 1.2LSBRMS. Applications n n The digital outputs are serial LVDS and each channel outputs two bits at a time (2-lane mode). At lower sampling
    rates there is a one bit option (1-lane mode). The LVDS
    drivers have optional internal termination and adjustable
    output levels to ensure clean signal integrity. Industrial Imaging
    Medical Imaging ...



Package15mm x 11.25mm x 2.82mm BGA15mm x 11.25mm x 2.82mm BGA
Package CodeBGABGA


ADC14-Bit, 125Msps14-Bit, 125Msps
AmplifierFixed Gain Differential AmplifierFixed Gain Differential Amplifier
Bits, bits1414
Number of Channels44
Demo BoardsDC1732B-ABDC1732B-AB
Digital I/OSerial LVDSSerial LVDS
Export Control, yes/nonono
FilterLowpass, DC-90MHzLowpass, DC-90MHz
Input Impedance, ohms10kohm10kohm
Input Span0.2V to 3.6V0.2V to 3.6V
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 70-40 to 85
Power, mW12701270
SFDR, dB7878
SINAD, dB66.766.7
Speed, sps125000000125000000
Supply Voltage Range1.8V, 3.3V1.8V, 3.3V

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Series: LTM9012 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Conversion > Signal Chain Module Receivers
  • Data Conversion > Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) > High Speed ADCs (Fs >=10Msps)

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