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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC694

ManufacturerLinear Technology

Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits


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    LTC690/LTC691/LTC694/LTC695 - Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
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    Supervisory Circuits
    Features Description Guaranteed Reset Assertion at VCC = 1V
    n 1.5mA Maximum Supply Current
    n Fast (35ns Max) Onboard Gating of RAM Chip Enable Signals
    n SO-8 and S16 Packaging
    n 4.65V Precision Voltage Monitor
    n Power OK/Reset Time Delay: 50ms, 200ms or Adjustable
    n Minimum External Component Count
    n 1ВµA Maximum Standby Current
    n Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery Warning
    n Thermal Limiting
    n Performance Specified Over Temperature
    n Superior Upgrade for MAX690 Family The LTCВ®690 family, LTC690/LTC691/LTC694/LTC695,
    provides complete power supply monitoring and battery
    control functions for microprocessor reset, battery backup, CMOS RAM write protection, power failure warning
    and watchdog timing. A precise internal voltage reference
    and comparator circuit monitor the power supply line.
    When an out-of-tolerance condition occurs, the reset
    outputs are forced to active states and the chip enable
    output unconditionally write-protects external memory. ...




Design ToolsLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice Model
Export Controlnononononono
Isupply, µA600600600600600600
Minimum Reset Level, V111111
Number of Supplies111111
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 70-40 to 85-40 to 85-40 to 85
Power Fail Warningyesyesyesyesyesyes
Power Up/Down Resetyesyesyesyesyesyes
Reset Pulse Width200ms200ms200ms200ms200ms200ms
Reset Voltage5V5V5V5V5V5V
Threshold Accuracy, %222222
Vs Max, V666666
Watchdog Timeryesyesyesyesyesyes

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LTC690 LTC691 LTC695

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Series: LTC694 (6)

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  • Monitor, Control and Protection > Supervisory Circuits > Single Supply Monitors

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