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Datasheet Linear Technology LT4276AHUFD#TRPBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLT4276AHUFD#TRPBF

LTPoE++/PoE+/PoE PD Forward/Flyback Controller


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    LT4276 - LTPoE++/PoE+/PoE PD Forward/Flyback Controller
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    PD Forward/Flyback Controller
    Features Description IEEE802.3af/at and LTPoE++в„ў 90W Powered Device
    (PD) with Forward/Flyback Controller
    n LT4276A Supports All of the Following Standards:
    nn LTPoE++ 38.7W, 52.7W, 70W and 90W
    nn IEEE 802.3at 25.5W Compliant
    nn IEEE 802.3af up to 13W Compliant
    n LT4276B is IEEE 802.3at/af Compliant
    n LT4276C is IEEE 802.3af Compliant
    n Superior Surge Protection (100V Absolute Maximum)
    n Wide Junction Temperature Range (–40°C to 125°C)
    n Auxiliary Power Support as Low as 9V
    n No Opto-Isolator Required for Flyback Operatio External Hot Swapв„ў N-Channel MOSFET for Lowest
    Power Dissipation and Highest System Efficiency
    n >94% End-to-End Efficiency with LT4321 Ideal Bridge
    n Available in a 28-Lead 4mm Г— 5mm QFN Package The LTВ®4276 is a pin-for-pin compatible family of IEEE
    802.3 and LTPoE++ Powered Device (PD) controllers. It
    includes an isolated switching regulator controller capable
    of synchronous operation in both forward and flyback
    topologies with auxiliary power support. n Applications n n The LT4276A employs the LTPoE++ classification scheme,
    receiving 38.7W, 52.7W, 70W or 90W of power at the PD ...



Package4x5 QFN-28
Package CodeUFD
Package Index05-08-1712


Number of Channels1
Demo BoardsDC2047A-A,DC2046A-A,DC2046A-B,DC2046A-C,DC2046A-D,DC2046A-E,DC2046A-F,DC2262A-A,DC2262A-B
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Export Controlno
I2C Interfaceno
IEEE-Compliant ClassificationOne Event, Two Event
IEEE-Compliant DetectionYes (Internal 25k resistor)
IEEE-Compliant DisconnectionN/A
Max Power90 W
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 125 °C
PoE Type1, 2, LTPoE++

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Moldel Line

Series: LT4276 (12)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Monitor, Control and Protection > Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Interface Controllers > PoE Powered Device (PD)

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