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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC4290CIUJ#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTC4290CIUJ#PBF

8-Port PoE/PoE+/LTPoE++ PSE Controller


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    LTC4290/LTC4271 - 8-Port PoE/PoE+/LTPoE++ PSE Controller
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    8-Port PoE/PoE+/LTPoE++
    PSE Controller
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION Eight Independent PSE Channels
    nn Compliant with IEEE 802.3at Type 1 and 2
    nn Chipset Provides Electrical Isolation
    nn Reduced BOM Cost
    nn Eliminates up to 6 High Speed Opto-Couplers
    nn Eliminates Isolated 3.3V Power Supply
    nn Low Power Dissipation
    nn 0.25О© Sense Resistance Per Channel
    nn Very High Reliability 4-Point PD Detection
    nn 2-Point Forced Voltage
    nn 2-Point Forced Current
    nn V
    EE and VPORT Monitoring
    nn 1 Second Rolling I
    PORT Averaging
    nn Supports 2-Pair and 4-Pair Output Power
    nn 1MHz I2C Compatible Serial Control Interface
    nn Available In Three Power Grades
    nn A-Grade – LTPoE++™ 38.7W to 90W
    nn B-Grade – PoE+ 25.5W ...



Package6x6 QFN-40
Package CodeUJ


Number of Channels8
Demo BoardsDC1843B
Description8 Independent PSE Channels, Compliant with IEEE 802.3at Type 1 (13W) and Type 2 (25.5W) and LTPoE++ (35W to 90W)
Export Controlno yes/no
I2C Interfaceyes yes/no
IEEE-Compliant ClassificationOne Event, Two Event, LTPoE++
IEEE-Compliant Detection4-Point
IEEE-Compliant DisconnectionDC
Max Power90 W
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
PoE Type1, 2, LTPoE++

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Moldel Line

Series: LTC4290 (6)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Monitor, Control and Protection > Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Interface Controllers > PoE Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)

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