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Datasheet Microchip AT91SAM9XE512


A member of the Microchip SAM9XE series of microcontrollers based on the high-performance 32-bit ARM926EJ processor


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    ARM926EJ-S Technical Reference Manual
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    (r0p4/r0p5) Technical Reference Manual Copyright В© 2001-2003 ARM Limited. All rights reserved.
    ARM DDI0198D ARM926EJ-S
    Technical Reference Manual
    Copyright В© 2001-2003 ARM Limited. All rights reserved.
    Release Information
    Change history
    Date Issue Change 26 September 2001 A First release 29 January 2002 B Second release 5 December 2003 C Third release. Includes r0p5 changes. Defects corrected. 26 January 2004 D Fourth release. Includes r0p4. Technically identical to previous release. Proprietary Notice
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    This document is intended only to assist the reader in the use of the product. ARM Limited shall not be liable
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    such information, or any incorrect use of the product.
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    This document is Open Access. This document has no restriction on distribution. ...
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    SAM9XE Series Datasheet
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    SAM9XE Series
    Atmel | SMART ARM-based Embedded MCU
    DATASHEET Description
    The AtmelВ® | SMART SAM9XE microcontroller series is based on the integration
    of an ARM926EJ-Sв„ў processor with fast ROM, RAM and Flash, and a wide
    range of peripherals.
    The embedded Flash memory can be programmed in-system via the JTAG-ICE
    interface or via a parallel interface on a production programmer prior to mounting.
    Built-in lock bits, a security bit and MMU protect the firmware from accidental
    overwrite and preserve its confidentiality.
    The SAM9XE series embeds an Ethernet MAC, one USB Device Port, and a USB
    Host Controller. It also integrates several standard peripherals, including six
    UARTs, SPI, TWI, Timer Counters, Synchronous Serial Controller, ADC and a
    MultiMedia/SD Card Interface.
    The SAM9XE system controller includes a reset controller capable of managing
    the power-on sequence of the microcontroller and the complete system. Correct
    device operation can be monitored by a built-in brownout detector and a watchdog
    running off an integrated RC oscillator.
    The SAM9XE series architecture includes a 6-layer matrix, allowing a maximum
    internal bandwidth of six 32-bit buses. It also features an External Bus Interface
    capable of interfacing with a wide range of memory devices.
    The pinout and ball-out are fully compatible with the Atmel | SMART SAM9260
    eMPU with the exception that the pin BMS is replaced by the pin ERASE. ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)Production (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




ADCC with ComputationNoNo
Angular TimerNoNo
High Voltage CapableNoNo
Internal Oscillator32KHz32KHz
Internal Voltage Reference, BandgapYesYes
Math AcceleratorYesYes
Max # PWM outputs, including complementary outputs66
Max 16 Bit Digital Timers66
Max A/D Resolution, bits1010
Max PWM Resolution, bits1616
Max. CPU Speed MHz180180
Number of USB Modules33
Operation Voltage Max.(V)1.951.95
Operation Voltage Min.(V)1.651.65
Peripheral Pin Select, PPSYesYes
Pin count217217
Program Memory Size, Kbytes512512
RAM, bytes3276832768
Temp. Range Max.8585
Temp. Range Min.-40-40
Total # of A/D channels44
Windowed Watchdog Timer, WWDTNoNo
Zero Cross detectNoNo

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