Datasheet Intersil X9C503SIT2

Part NumberX9C503SIT2

Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (XDCP)


X9C102, X9C103, X9C104, X9C503 Datasheet
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Package8 Ld SOIC T+R


# of Taps100
Number of Channels1
DescriptionDigitally Controlled Potentiometer (XDCP?)
Dual Supply Range (V)N/A
End-to-End Tempco (В±ppm/В°C)300
FeaturesIntegrated charge pump to allow for single supply to swing -5.5V to 5.5V
ICC200 μA
Interface3-Wire (Up/Down)
Max Operating Temp85 °C
Memory TypeNonvolatile
Middlepoint Ratiometric Tempco20
Number of Channels1
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85
Peak Temp240°C
Qualification LevelStandard
Resistance Options (kΩ)50
Resistance Options (kО©)50
Resistance TaperLinear
VCC (max)5.5 V
VCC (min)4.5 V
VL Max. Terminal Voltage5 V
VL Min. Terminal Voltage-5 V
Wiper Current4.4 mA
Wiper Resistance40 О©
interface3-Wire (Up/Down)

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X9C102 X9C103 X9C104

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  • Data Converters > Digital Potentiometers (DCPs) > DCPs

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