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Datasheet Intersil HIP9011


Engine Knock Signal Processor


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    HIP9011 Datasheet
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    HIP9011 FN4367
    Rev 2.00
    January 6, 2006 Engine Knock Signal Processor
    The HIP9011 is used to provide a method of detecting
    premature detonation often referred to as “Knock or Ping” in
    internal combustion engines.
    The IC is shown in the Simplified Block Diagram. The chip
    can select between one of two sensors, if needed for
    accurate monitoring or for “V” type engines. Internal control
    via the SPI bus is fast enough to switch sensors between
    each firing cycle. A programmable bandpass filter
    processes the signal from either of the sensor inputs. The
    bandpass filter can be selected to optimize the extraction
    the engine knock or ping signals from the engine
    background noise. Further single processing is obtained by
    full wave rectification of the filtered signal and applying it to
    an integrator whose output voltage level is proportional to
    the knock signal amplitude. The chip is under
    microprocessor control via a SPI interface bus. PART
    (See Note) Two Sensor Inputs Microprocessor Programmable Accurate and Stable Filter Elements Digitally Programmable Gain Digitally Programmable Time Constants Digitally Programmable Filter Characteristics On-Chip Crystal Oscillator Programmable Frequency Divider External Clock Frequencies up to 24MHz
    -4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and 24MHz Operating Temperature Range -40oC to 125oC Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant) Ordering Information ...



Package20 Ld SOIC20 Ld SOIC T+R20 Ld SOIC20 Ld SOIC T+R


DescriptionEngine Knock Signal ProcessorEngine Knock Signal ProcessorEngine Knock Signal ProcessorEngine Knock Signal Processor
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 105-40 to 105-40 to 105-40 to 105
Peak Temp240C240C260C260C
Qualification LevelStandardStandardStandardStandard

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Series: HIP9011 (4)

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  • Other Analog > Special Analog > Other Miscellaneous

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