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Datasheet Analog Devices ADIS16470

ManufacturerAnalog Devices

Wide Dynamic Range Mini MEMS IMU


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    ADIS16470: Wide Dynamic Range, Miniature MEMs IMU Data Sheet
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    Wide Dynamic Range, Miniature MEMs IMU
    ADIS16470 Data Sheet
    FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Triaxial, digital gyroscope, ±2000°/sec dynamic range
    8°/hr in run bias stability
    0.008°/sec/√Hz rms rate noise density
    Triaxial, digital accelerometer dynamic range: ±40 g
    13 µg in run bias stability
    Triaxial, delta angle and delta velocity outputs
    Factory calibrated sensitivity, bias, and axial alignment
    Calibration temperature range: -10°C to +75°C
    SPI compatible data communications
    Programmable operation and control
    Automatic and manual bias correction controls
    Data ready indicator for synchronous data acquisition
    External sync modes: direct, pulse, scaled, and output
    On demand self test of inertial sensors
    On demand self test of flash memory
    Single-supply operation (VDD): 3.0 V to 3.6 V
    2000 g mechanical shock survivability
    Operating temperature range: -25°C to +85°C The ADIS16470 is a miniature MEMS inertial measurement
    unit (IMU) that includes a triaxial gyroscope and a triaxial
    accelerometer. Each inertial sensor in the ADIS16470 combines
    with signal conditioning that optimizes dynamic performance. ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)


Package44-Ball Ball Grid Array Module
Package CodeML-44-1


Accel. In-Run Bias Stability(typ), g13
Accel. Range40 g
Calibrated Temp Range-10C to +70C
Degrees of Freedom, °6
Gyro Angular Random Walk(typ), °/rthr0.34
Gyro Axis to Axis Alignment(typ), °0.1
Gyro In-Run Bias Stability(typ), °/hr8
Gyro Input Range +/-(min), °/s2000
Gyro Linear G(typ)(, °/s)/g0.015
Gyro Noise Density(typ)(, °/s)/rtHz0.008
Operating Temperature Range, °C-25 to 85
Output Sample Rate(max), SPS2k

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Series: ADIS16470 (1)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • MEMS > Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

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