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Datasheet Analog Devices ADXRS800

ManufacturerAnalog Devices

High Performance, SPI Digital Output, Angular Rate Sensor


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    ADXRS800: High Performance, SPI Digital Output, Angular Rate Sensor
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    High Performance, SPI Digital Output,
    Angular Rate Sensor
    ADXRS800 Data Sheet
    FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION Excellent null offset stability over temperature
    High vibration rejection over a wide frequency range
    2000 g powered shock survivability
    SPI digital output with 16-bit data-word
    Low noise
    Continuous self-test
    Fail-safe functions
    Temperature sensor
    3.3 V and 5 V operation
    -40В°C to +105В°C operation
    Small, low-profile industry standard SOIC package provides
    yaw rate (Z-axis) response
    Innovative ceramic vertical mount package (VMP) provides
    pitch and roll rate response
    Qualified for automotive applications The ADXRS800 is an angular rate sensor (gyroscope) intended
    for automotive electronic stability control, vehicle rollover
    detection, and other high performance applications. An advanced,
    differential, quad-sensor design rejects the influence of linear
    acceleration, enabling the ADXRS800 to operate in exceedingly
    harsh environments where shock and vibration are present. APPLICATIONS The ADXRS800 is available in a cavity plastic SOIC-16 and ...


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  • MEMS > Gyroscopes

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