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Datasheet Analog Devices ADXRS649

ManufacturerAnalog Devices

Fast Starting, ±20,000°/sec Vibration Rejecting Rate Gyro


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    ADXRS649: Fast Starting, ±20,000°/sec Vibration Rejecting Rate Gyro Data Sheet
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    Data Sheet Fast Starting, ±20,000°/sec
    Vibration Rejecting Rate Gyro
    ADXRS649 FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION High vibration rejection over wide frequency
    Ultrafast startup: 3 ms
    Measurement range extendable to ±50,000°/sec
    10,000 g powered shock survivability
    Ratiometric to referenced supply
    5 V single-supply operation
    Z-axis (yaw rate) response
    -40°C to +105°C operation
    Self-test on digital command
    Ultrasmall and light (<0.15 cc, <0.5 gram)
    Temperature sensor output
    RoHS compliant The ADXRS649 is a complete angular rate sensor (gyroscope)
    that uses the Analog Devices, Inc., patented high volume BiMOS
    surface-micromachining process to make a complete gyro on
    one chip. An advanced, differential, quad sensor design rejects
    the influence of linear acceleration, enabling the ADXRS649
    to offer rate sensing in harsh environments where shock and
    vibration are present.
    The output signal, RATEOUT (B1, A2), is a voltage proportional
    to the angular rate about the axis normal to the top surface of
    the package. The output is ratiometric with respect to a provided ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)Production (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)


Package32 ball Ceramic BGA (6.85x6.85x3.8mm)32 ball Ceramic BGA (6.85x6.85x3.8mm)
Package CodeBG-32-3BG-32-3


# of Axes11
Angular Random Walk(typ), °/rthr10.710.7
BW -3 dB(typ), Hz2k2k
In-Run Bias Stability(typ), °/hr200200
Linear G(typ)(, °/s)/g0.10.1
MEMS IntegratedNoNo
Measurement Range(min), °/s2000020000
Noise Density(typ)(, °/s)/rtHz0.250.25
Nonlinearity(typ), % FSR0.10.1
Operating Temperature Range, °C-40 to 105-40 to 105
Output TypeAnalogAnalog
Vs+(max), V5.255.25

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Series: ADXRS649 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • MEMS > Gyroscopes

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