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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC3225-1

ManufacturerLinear Technology

150mA Supercapacitor Charger


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    LTC3225/LTC3225-1 - 150mA Supercapacitor Charger
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    150mA Supercapacitor
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION n The LTC®3225/LTC3225-1 are programmable supercapacitor chargers designed to charge two supercapacitors in
    series to a selectable fixed output voltage (4.8V/5.3V for
    the LTC3225 and 4V/4.5V for the LTC3225-1) from input
    supplies as low as 2.8V to 5.5V. Automatic cell balancing
    prevents overvoltage damage to either supercapacitor. No
    balancing resistors are required. n Low Noise Constant Frequency Charging of Two
    Series Supercapacitors
    Automatic Cell Balancing Prevents Capacitor
    Overvoltage During Charging
    Programmable Charge Current (Up to 150mA)
    Selectable 2.4V or 2.65V Regulation per Cell
    Selectable 2V or 2.25V Regulation per Cell
    Automatic Recharge
    IVIN = 20μA in Standby Mode
    ICOUT < 1μA When Input Supply is Removed
    No Inductors
    Tiny Application Circuit (2mm × 3mm DFN Package,
    All Components CBOT) Charging Profile with 30% ...



Package3x2 DFN-103x2 DFN-103x2 DFN-10


Demo BoardsDC1220BDC1220BDC1220B
Design ToolsLTspice FileLTspice FileLTspice File
Export Control, yes/nononono
FeaturesProgrammable Charge Current, Automatic Cell BalancingProgrammable Charge Current, Automatic Cell BalancingProgrammable Charge Current, Automatic Cell Balancing
Ishutdown, A.1.1.1
Isupply, mA.020.020.020
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 850 to 85
Output Current, A.150.150.150
Supercaps In Series222
TopologyCharge PumpCharge PumpCharge Pump
Vin Max, V5.55.55.5
Vin Min, V333
Vout Maximum4V, 4.5V4V, 4.5V4V, 4.5V

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Series: LTC3225-1 (3)

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  • Power Management > Supercapacitor Chargers

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