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Datasheet Intersil ISL55111


Dual, High Speed MOSFET Driver


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    ISL55110, ISL55111 Datasheet
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    ISL55110, ISL55111 FN6228
    Rev 8.00
    January 29, 2015 Dual, High Speed MOSFET Driver
    The ISL55110 and ISL55111 are dual high speed MOSFET
    drivers intended for applications requiring accurate pulse
    generation and buffering. Target applications include
    ultrasound, CCD imaging, piezoelectric distance sensing and
    clock generation circuits. Features With a wide output voltage range and low ON-resistance, these
    devices can drive a variety of resistive and capacitive loads
    with fast rise and fall times, allowing high-speed operation
    with low skew, as required in large CCD array imaging
    applications. 1.5ns rise and fall times, 100pF load The ISL55110, ISL55111 are compatible with 3.3V and 5V
    logic families and incorporate tightly controlled input
    thresholds to minimize the effect of input rise time on output
    pulse width. The ISL55110 has a pair of in-phase drivers while
    the ISL55111 has two drivers operating in anti-phase. Small QFN and TSSOP packaging ISL55110 and ISL55111 have a power-down mode for low
    power consumption during equipment standby times, making
    it ideal for portable products.
    The ISL55110 and ISL55111 are available in 16 Ld Exposed
    pad QFN packaging and 8 Ld TSSOP. Both devices are
    specified for operation over the full -40°C to +85°C
    temperature range. 5V to 12V pulse amplitude High current drive 3.5A 6ns minimum pulse width Low skew 3.3V and 5V logic compatible In-phase (ISL55110) and anti-phase outputs (ISL55111) Low quiescent current Pb-free (RoHS compliant) Applications Ultrasound MOSFET driver CCD array horizontal driver Clock driver circuits Related Literature AN1283, “ISL55110_11EVAL1Z, ISL55110_11EVAL2Z ...



Package16 Ld QFN16 Ld QFN T+R8 Ld TSSOP8 Ld TSSOP T+R


# of Drivers2222
DescriptionDual, High Speed MOSFET DriverDual, High Speed MOSFET DriverDual, High Speed MOSFET DriverDual, High Speed MOSFET Driver
Fall Time1.5 ns1.5 ns1.5 ns1.5 ns
IS3.5 mA3.5 mA3.5 mA3.5 mA
Input Signal Range (V)0 to VP0 to VP0 to VP0 to VP
Input Supply Range VP (V)+2.7 to +5.5+2.7 to +5.5+2.7 to +5.5+2.7 to +5.5
Max Operating Frequency70 MHz70 MHz70 MHz70 MHz
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85-40 to 85-40 to 85-40 to 85
Output Signal Range (V)0 to +13.20 to +13.20 to +13.20 to +13.2
Peak Output Current IPK3.5 A3.5 A3.5 A3.5 A
Peak Temp260C260C260C260C
Qualification LevelStandardStandardStandardStandard
RON3 Ω3 Ω3 Ω3 Ω
Rise Time1.5 ns1.5 ns1.5 ns1.5 ns
Turn Off Delay (ns)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)
Turn On Delay (ns)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)40 (QFN Only)
VBIAS (min)2.7 V2.7 V2.7 V2.7 V
VIN (max) (V)

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Series: ISL55111 (4)

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