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Datasheet Intersil ISL55100B


Quad 18V Pin Electronics Driver/Window Comparator


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    ISL55100B Datasheet
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    ISL55100B FN6229
    Rev 2.00
    December 4, 2014 Quad 18V Pin Electronics Driver/Window Comparator
    The ISL55100B is a Quad pin driver and window comparator
    fabricated in a wide voltage CMOS process. It is designed
    specifically for Test During Burn-In (TDBI) applications, where
    cost, functional density and power are all at a premium. Features This IC incorporates four channels of programmable drivers
    and window comparators into a small 72 Ld QFN package.
    Each channel has independent driver levels, data and high
    impedance control. Each receiver has dual comparators, which
    provide high and low threshold levels. 18V I/O range The ISL55100B uses differential mode digital inputs and can
    therefore mate directly with LVDS or CML outputs.
    Single-ended logic families are handled by connecting one of
    the digital input pins to an appropriate threshold voltage (e.g.,
    1.4V for TTL compatibility). The comparator outputs are
    single-ended and the output levels are user defined to mate
    directly with any digital technology. Differential or single-ended digital inputs Low driver output resistance
    -ROUT typical: 9.0О© 50MHz operation 4 Channel driver/receiver pairs with per pin flexibility Dual level -per pin -input thresholds User defined comparator output levels Low channel-to-channel timing skew Small footprint (72 Ld QFN) Pb-free (RoHS compliant) Applications The 18V driver output and receiver input ranges allow this
    device to interface directly with TTL, ECL, CMOS (3V, 5V and
    7V), LVCMOS and custom level circuitry, as well as the high
    voltage (super voltage) level required for many special test
    modes for Flash Devices. Burn in ATE Wafer level flash memory test LCD panel test Low cost ATE Instrumentation Emulation Device programmers Functional Block Diagram ...



Package72 Ld QFN72 Ld QFN T+R72 Ld QFN T+R


# of Drivers444
DescriptionQuad 18V Pin Electronics Driver/Window ComparatorQuad 18V Pin Electronics Driver/Window ComparatorQuad 18V Pin Electronics Driver/Window Comparator
Fall Time3 ns3 ns3 ns
IS70 mA70 mA70 mA
Input Signal Range (V)-VP to + VP-VP to + VP-VP to + VP
Input Supply Range VP (V)-18 to +18-18 to +18-18 to +18
Max Operating Frequency50 MHz50 MHz50 MHz
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85-40 to 85-40 to 85
Output Signal Range (V)-18 to +18-18 to +18-18 to +18
Peak Output Current IPK1 A1 A1 A
Peak Temp260°C260°C260°C
Qualification LevelStandardStandardStandard
RON9 О©9 О©9 О©
Rise Time3 ns3 ns3 ns
Turn Off Delay (ns)181818
Turn On Delay (ns)181818
VIN (max) (V)181818

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Series: ISL55100B (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Amplifiers & Buffers > All Amplifiers > PowerFet/CCD drivers

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