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Part NumberTB9120FTG

Stepping motor driver for automobile


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    TB9120FTG Data sheet/English
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    Bi-CMOS Integrated Circuit TB9120FTG Silicon Monolithic TB9120FTG
    Bipolar stepping motor driver with clock input interface for automotive applications 1. Overview
    The TB9120FTG is a two-phase bipolar stepping motor driver with
    a PWM constant-current control system and a clock input interface.
    It can be used for a small stepping motor in a wide range of
    automotive applications.
    P-VQFN28-0606-0.65 2. Applications
    A stepping motor drive for automotive applications such as an
    adjustment to an angle of a concave mirror in HUD, motorcycle
    valves and valves/dampers for HVAC 3. Features
    -A two-phase bipolar stepping motor can be driven by using a single microchip.
    -PWM constant-current control
    -Mixed decay mode
    -Selectable microstep: full, half, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32 step
    -Low Ron (Upper side + Lower = 1.2О© (typ.) power MOSFETs
    -Maximum Supply Voltage (Absolute maximum ratings): 40V
    -Built in Thermal Shutdown (TSD), Overcrrent Shutdown (ISD),
    Load Open Detection and Power on Reset (POR)
    -Flag Output for Thermal Shutdown (TSD), Overcrrent Shutdown (ISD)
    and Load Open Detection
    -Built in Stall Detection and Frag Output
    -BSTBY terminal for Standby Function ...



Lifecycle StatusUnder development


Manufacture Package CodeP-VQFN28-0606-0.65


FeatureDriver for a 2-phase bipolar stepping motor / Excitation mode : up to 1/32
Power supply voltage (Max)18 V
Power supply voltage (Min)7 V

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