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Datasheet Intersil HA-2640


4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational Amplifiers


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    HA-2640, HA-2645 Datasheet
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    HA-2640, HA-2645
    Data Sheet August 7, 2015 FN2904.6 4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational
    Amplifiers Features HA-2640 and HA-2645 are monolithic operational amplifiers
    which are designed to deliver unprecedented dynamic
    specifications for a high voltage internally compensated
    device. These dielectrically isolated devices offer very low
    values for offset voltage and offset current coupled with large
    output voltage swing and common mode input voltage. Supply Voltage 10V to 40V For maximum reliability, these amplifiers offer unconditional
    output overload protection through current limiting and a chip
    temperature sensing circuit. This sensing device turns the
    amplifier “off”, when the chip reaches a certain temperature
    These amplifiers deliver 35V common mode input voltage
    range, 35V output voltage swing, and up to 40V supply
    range for use in such designs as regulators, power supplies,
    and industrial control systems. 4MHz gain bandwidth and
    5V/s slew rate make these devices excellent components
    for high performance signal conditioning applications.
    Outstanding input and output voltage swings coupled with a
    low 5nA offset current make these amplifiers excitation
    designs. Output Voltage Swing 35V Offset Current . 5nA Bandwidth 4MHz Slew Rate . 5V/s Common Mode Input Voltage Range 35V Output Overload Protection Applications Industrial Control Systems Power Supplies High Voltage Regulators Resolver Excitation Signal Conditioning Ordering Information
    PART NUMBER PART MARKING TEMP. RANGE (oC) PACKAGE PKG. DWG. # HA2-2640-2 HA2-2640-2 -55 to 125 8 Pin Metal Can T8.C HA7-2640-2 HA7-2640-2 -55 to 125 8 Ld CERDIP HA2-2645-5 (No longer available or supported) HA2-2645-5 0 to 75 8 Pin Metal Can T8.C HA7-2645-5 (No longer available or supported) HA7-2645-5 0 to 75 8 Ld CERDIP F8.3A F8.3A Pinouts
    HA-2640/2645 ...





AVOL106 dB106 dB106 dB106 dB
Bandwidth4 MHz4 MHz4 MHz4 MHz
Number of Channels1111
Common Mode Rejection Ratio100 dB100 dB100 dB100 dB
Description4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational Amplifiers4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational Amplifiers4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational Amplifiers4MHz, High Supply Voltage Operational Amplifiers
Gain AV (min)1111
IBIAS10 nA10 nA10 nA10 nA
IBIAS (max)25 nA25 nA25 nA25 nA
IOUT15 mA15 mA15 mA15 mA
IS (per amp)3.2 mA3.2 mA3.2 mA3.2 mA
Noise VN15 nV/√Hz15 nV/√Hz15 nV/√Hz15 nV/√Hz
Number of Channels1111
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125-55 to 125-55 to 125-55 to 125
PSRR90 dB90 dB90 dB90 dB
Qualification LevelQML Class Q (military)QML Class Q (military)QML Class Q (military)QML Class Q (military)
Rail-to-Rail InputNoNoNoNo
Rail-to-Rail OutputNoNoNoNo
Slew Rate5 V/μs5 V/μs5 V/μs5 V/μs
Thermal ShutdownNoNoNoNo
VOS (max)4 mV4 mV4 mV4 mV
VOUT70 V70 V70 V70 V
VS (max)80 V80 V80 V80 V
VS (min)20 V20 V20 V20 V

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Series: HA-2640 (4)

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