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Datasheet Intersil HA-5127


8.5MHz, Ultra-Low Noise Precision Operational Amplifier


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    HA-5127, HA-5127A Datasheet
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    HA-5127, HA-5127A
    Data Sheet November 29, 2011 8.5MHz, Ultra-Low Noise Precision
    Operational Amplifier Features Slew Rate 10V/μs The HA-5127 monolithic operational amplifier features an
    unparalleled combination of precision DC and wideband high
    speed characteristics. Utilizing the Intersil D. I. technology
    and advanced processing techniques, this unique design
    unites low noise (3nV/√Hz) precision instrumentation
    performance with high speed (10V/μs) wideband capability.
    This amplifier’s impressive list of features include low VOS
    (10μV), wide unity gain-bandwidth (8.5MHz), high open loop
    gain (1800V/mV), and high CMRR (126dB). Additionally, this
    flexible device operates over a wide supply range (±5V to
    ±15V) while consuming only 140mW of power.
    Using the HA-5127 allows designers to minimize errors while
    maximizing speed and bandwidth.
    This device is ideally suited for low level transducer signal
    amplifier circuits. Other applications which can utilize the
    HA-5127’s qualities include instrumentation amplifiers, pulse
    amplifiers, audio preamplifiers, and signal conditioning
    circuits. This device can easily be used as a design
    enhancement by directly replacing the 725, OP25, OP06,
    OP07, OP27 and OP37. For the military grade product, refer
    to the HA-5127/883 data sheet. Pinout ...



Package8 Ld SOIC8 Ld SOIC8 Ld SOIC T+R


AVOL124 dB124 dB124 dB
Bandwidth8.5 MHz8.5 MHz8.5 MHz
Number of Channels111
Common Mode Rejection Ratio126 dB126 dB126 dB
Description8.5MHz, Ultra-Low Noise Precision Operational Amplifier8.5MHz, Ultra-Low Noise Precision Operational Amplifier8.5MHz, Ultra-Low Noise Precision Operational Amplifier
Gain AV (min)111
IBIAS15 nA15 nA15 nA
IBIAS (max)80 nA80 nA80 nA
IOUT25 mA25 mA25 mA
IS (per amp)3.5 mA3.5 mA3.5 mA
Noise VN3 nV/√Hz3 nV/√Hz3 nV/√Hz
Number of Channels111
Operating Temperature Range0 to 700 to 700 to 70
PSRR96 dB96 dB96 dB
Peak Temp240C260C260C
Qualification LevelStandardStandardStandard
Rail-to-Rail InputNoNoNo
Rail-to-Rail OutputNoNoNo
Slew Rate10 V/μs10 V/μs10 V/μs
Thermal ShutdownNoNoNo
VOS (max)0.01 mV0.01 mV0.01 mV
VOUT27 V27 V27 V
VS (max)30 V30 V30 V
VS (min)10 V10 V10 V

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Series: HA-5127 (3)

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