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Datasheet Intersil HA1-2556-9

Part NumberHA1-2556-9

57MHz, Wideband, Four Quadrant, Voltage Output Analog Multiplier


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    HA-2556 Datasheet
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    HA-2556 FN2477
    Rev 7.00
    April 25, 2013 57MHz, Wideband, Four Quadrant, Voltage Output Analog Multiplier
    The HA-2556 is a monolithic, high speed, four quadrant,
    analog multiplier constructed in the Intersil Dielectrically
    Isolated High Frequency Process. The voltage output
    simplifies many designs by eliminating the current-to-voltage
    conversion stage required for current output multipliers. The
    HA-2556 provides a 450V/Вµs slew rate and maintains
    52MHz and 57MHz bandwidths for the X and Y channels
    respectively, making it an ideal part for use in video systems. Features The suitability for precision video applications is
    demonstrated further by the Y-Channel 0.1dB gain flatness
    to 5.0MHz, 1.5% multiplication error, -50dB feedthrough and
    differential inputs with 8ВµA bias current. The HA-2556 also
    has low differential gain (0.1%) and phase (0.1В°) errors. Wide X-Channel Bandwidth 52MHz The HA-2556 is well suited for AGC circuits as well as mixer
    applications for sonar, radar, and medical imaging
    equipment. The HA-2556 is not limited to multiplication
    applications only; frequency doubling, power detection, as
    well as many other configurations are possible. High Speed Voltage Output . 450V/Вµs Low Multiplication Error . 1.5% Input Bias Currents .8ВµA 5MHz Feedthrough . -50dB Wide Y-Channel Bandwidth 57MHz VY 0.1dB Gain Flatness 5.0MHz Pb-free (RoHS compliant) Applications Military Avionics Missile Guidance Systems Medical Imaging Displays Video Mixers Sonar AGC Processors Ordering Information
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Package16 Ld CERDIP


Bandwidth57 MHz
Description57MHz, Wideband, Four Quadrant, Voltage Output Analog Multiplier
FeaturesMult Error = 1.5%
IS18 mA
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85
Qualification LevelStandard
Slew Rate450 V/μs
VCC Range (V)5 to 15

Moldel Line

Series: HA-2556 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Amplifiers & Buffers > All Amplifiers > Analog Multipliers

Other Names:

HA125569, HA1 2556 9

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