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Datasheet Microchip MIC2199


The MIC2199 is a high power 300kHz synchronous buck DC-to-DC controller


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    MIC2199 - 300kHz 4mm x 4mm Synchronous Buck Converter
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    Micrel, Inc. MIC2199 MIC2199
    300kHz 4mm Г— 4mm Synchronous Buck Converter General Description Features The MIC2199 is a high-power 300kHz synchronous buck
    DC-to-DC controller housed in a small 4mm × 4mm MLF™
    12-pin package. The MIC2199 operates from a wide 4.5V
    to 32V input and can be programmed for output voltages
    from 0.8V to 6V. The wide input voltage capability makes
    the MIC2199 an ideal solution for point-of-load DC-to-DC
    conversion in 5V, 12V, 24V, and 28V systems.
    The 300kHz switching frequency allows the use of a small
    inductor and small output capacitors. The current mode PWM
    control along with the external COMP pin allows for ease of
    stability compensation and fast transient response across a
    wide range of applications.
    An all N-Channel synchronous architecture and powerful
    output drivers allow up to 20A of output current capability.
    For smaller external components, refer to the 500kHz
    The MIC2199 is available in a 12-pin 4mm × 4mm MLF™
    package with a junction temperature range from –40°C to
    125В°C. 4.5V to 32V input range
    4mm × 4mm MLF™ package
    300kHz PWM operation
    95% efficiency ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)Production (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Current Limit / Short Circuit ProtectionTrueTrue
Duty Cycle Max, %0.850.85
Enable PinTrueTrue
Internal Voltage BiasTrueTrue
Iq Off, µA0.10.1
Maximum Input Voltage, V3232
Maximum Output Voltage, V66
Minimum Input Voltage, V4.54.5
Minimum Output Voltage, V0.80.8
Operating Frequency, Hz300K300K
Operating Supply Current, mA1.61.6
Operating Temperature Range, °C-40 to +125-40 to +125
Supported Outputs11
Supported TopologiesBuckBuck
Typical Tolerance, %В±1В±1

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Series: MIC2199 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > PWM Controllers > Buck Products

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