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Datasheet Intersil HI3-0201HS-5Z

Datasheet Intersil HI3-0201HS-5Z

Part NumberHI3-0201HS-5Z

High Speed, Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switch


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    HI-201HS В® Data Sheet September 2004 High Speed, Quad SPST, CMOS Analog
    The HI-201HS is a monolithic CMOS Analog Switch
    featuring very fast switching speeds and low ON resistance.
    The integrated circuit consists of four independently
    selectable SPST switches and is pin compatible with the
    industry standard HI-201 switch.
    Fabricated using silicon-gate technology and the Intersil
    Dielectric Isolation process, this TTL compatible device offers
    improved performance over previously available CMOS analog
    switches. Featuring maximum switching times of 50ns, low ON
    resistance of 50Ω maximum, and a wide analog signal range, the
    HI-201HS is designed for any application where improved
    switching performance, particularly switching speed, is required.
    (A more detailed discussion on the design and application of the
    HI-201HS can be found in Application Note AN543.) FN3123.4 Features Pb-free Available as an Option Fast Switching Times
    -tON 30ns
    -tOFF . 40ns Low “ON” Resistance 30Ω Pin Compatible with Standard HI-201 Wide Analog Voltage Range (±15V Supplies) . ±15V Low Charge Injection (±15V Supplies) 10pC TTL Compatible Symmetrical Switching Analog Current Range . 80mA Applications High Speed Multiplexing Ordering Information
    RANGE (В°C) High Frequency Analog Switching
    DWG. # Sample and Hold Circuits Digital Filters HI1-0201HS-2 -55 to 125 16 Ld CERDIP F16.3 HI1-0201HS-4 -25 to 85 16 Ld CERDIP F16.3 HI1-0201HS-5 0 to 75 16 Ld CERDIP F16.3 HI3-0201HS-5 0 to 75 16 Ld PDIP E16.3 HI3-0201HS-5Z
    (See Note) 0 to 75 16 Ld PDIP ...



Package16 Ld PDIP
Package IndexE16.3


Number of Channels4
Chg Inj10 pC
DescriptionHigh-Speed, Quad SPST, CMOS Analog Switch (4 NC)
Drain Cap30 pF
IS4.5 mA
Leakage0.3 nA
Number of Channels4
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125
Qualification LevelStandard
Source Cap10 pF
Switch or MUXSwitch
TOFF40 ns
TON30 ns
Type of SwitchSPST
VCC (Dual) (max)В±15 V
VCC (Dual) (min)В±10 V
VCC (Single) (max)15 V
rDS(ON)30 О©

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Series: HI-201HS (9)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > Harsh Environment > Switches/MUXs/Crosspoints

Other Names:

HI30201HS5Z, HI3 0201HS 5Z

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