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Datasheet Intersil DG406DYZ-T

Part NumberDG406DYZ-T

Single 16-Channel/Differential 8-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexers


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    DG406, DG407 FN3116
    Rev 11.00
    October 1, 2013 Single 16-Channel/Differential 8-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexers
    The DG406 and DG407 monolithic CMOS analog multiplexers
    are drop-in replacements for the popular DG506A and
    DG507A series devices. They each include an array of sixteen
    analog switches, a TTL and CMOS compatible digital decode
    circuit for channel selection, a voltage reference for logic
    thresholds, and an ENABLE input for device selection when
    several multiplexers are present. Features These multiplexers feature lower signal ON-resistance
    (<100пЃ—) and faster transition time (tTRANS < 300ns)
    compared to the DG506A and DG507A. Charge injection has
    been reduced, simplifying sample and hold applications. TTL, CMOS Compatible The improvements in the DG406 series are made possible by
    using a high voltage silicon-gate process. An epitaxial layer
    prevents the latch-up associated with older CMOS
    technologies. The 44V maximum voltage range permits
    controlling 30VP-P signals when operating with В±15V power
    The sixteen switches are bilateral, equally matched for AC or
    bidirectional signals. The ON-resistance variation with analog
    signals is quite low over a ±5V analog input range. ON-Resistance (Max) .100 Low Power Consumption (PD) <1.2mW Fast Transition Time (Max) . 300ns Low Charge Injection Single or Split Supply Operation Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant) Applications Battery Operated Systems Data Acquisition Medical Instrumentation Hi-Rel Systems Communication Systems Automatic Test Equipment Related Literature Technical Brief TB363 “Guidelines for Handling and
    Processing Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Devices ...


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Package28 Ld SOIC T+R


Number of Channels16
Chg Inj40 pC
Configuration1 x 16:1
DescriptionSingle 16-Channel/Differential 8-Channel, CMOS Analog Multiplexers
Drain Cap180 pF
IS80 μA
Leakage0.04 nA
Number of Channels16
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85
Peak Temp260°C
Qualification LevelStandard
Source Cap8 pF
Switch or MUXMUX
TOFF70 ns
TON150 ns
Type of SwitchN/A
VCC (Dual) (max)В±20 V
VCC (Dual) (min)В±5 V
VCC (Single) (max)34 V
VCC (Single) (min)5 V
rDS(ON)50 О©

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Series: DG406 (3)

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  • Switches, MUX & Crosspoints > High Voltage > Switches/MUXs/Crosspoints

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