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Datasheet Intersil DG403DVZ-T

Part NumberDG403DVZ-T

Monolithic CMOS Analog Switches


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    DG401, DG403 FN3284
    Rev 11.00
    Nov 20, 2006 Monolithic CMOS Analog Switches
    The DG401 and DG403 monolithic CMOS analog switches
    have TTL and CMOS compatible digital inputs. Features These switches feature low analog ON resistance (<45пЃ—)
    and fast switch time (tON<150ns). Low charge injection
    simplifies sample and hold applications. Low Power Consumption (PD) .<35пЃ­W The improvements in the DG401, DG403 series are made
    possible by using a high voltage silicon-gate process. An
    epitaxial layer prevents the latch-up associated with older
    CMOS technologies. The 44V maximum voltage range
    permits controlling 30VP-P signals. Power supplies may be
    single-ended from +5V to +34V, or split from п‚±5V to п‚±17V. ON Resistance (Max) . 45пЃ— Fast Switching Action
    -tON (Max) . 150ns
    -tOFF (Max) 100ns Low Charge Injection DG401 Dual SPST; Same Pinout as HI-5041 DG403 Dual SPDT; DG190, IH5043, IH5151, HI-5051 TTL, CMOS Compatible The analog switches are bilateral, equally matched for AC or
    bidirectional signals. The ON resistance variation with analog
    signals is quite low over a п‚±15V analog input range. The three
    different devices provide the equivalent of two SPST (DG401)
    or two SPDT (DG403) relay switch contacts with CMOS or
    TTL level activation. The pinout is similar, permitting a
    standard layout to be used, choosing the switch function as
    needed. Applications Pinouts Hi-Rel Systems
    DG401 ...



Package16 Ld TSSOP T+R


Number of Channels2
Chg Inj60 pC
DescriptionSPST x 4, two complementary pairs per package
Drain Cap39 pF
IS0.01 μA
Leakage0.04 nA
Number of Channels2
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85
Peak Temp260°C
Qualification LevelStandard
Source Cap12 pF
Switch or MUXSwitch
TOFF60 ns
TON100 ns
Type of SwitchDPST
VCC (Dual) (max)В±20 V
VCC (Dual) (min)В±5 V
VCC (Single) (max)34 V
VCC (Single) (min)5 V
rDS(ON)20 О©

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Series: DG403 (7)

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  • Switches, MUX & Crosspoints > High Voltage > Switches/MUXs/Crosspoints

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