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Datasheet Intersil HM6-6617/883

Datasheet Intersil HM6-6617/883

Part NumberHM6-6617/883



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    HM-6617/883 Datasheet
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    HM-6617/883 FN3016
    June 2004 2K x 8 CMOS PROM Features This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD883 and is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of
    Paragraph 1.2.1. Low Power Standby and Operating Power
    -ICCSB . 100пЃ­A
    -ICCOP 20mA at 1MHz Fast Access Time . .120ns Industry Standard Pinout Single 5.0V Supply CMOS/TTL Compatible Inputs Description
    The HM-6617/883 is a 16,384-bit fuse link CMOS PROM in
    a 2K word by 8-bit/word format with “Three-State” outputs.
    The HM-6617/883 utilizes a synchronous design technique.
    This includes on-chip address latches and a separate output
    enable control which makes this device ideal for applications
    utilizing recent generation microprocessors. This design
    technique, combined with the Intersil advanced self-aligned
    silicon gate CMOS process technology offers ultra-low
    standby current. Low ICCSB is ideal for battery applications
    or other systems with low power requirements. Separate Output Enable The Intersil NiCr fuse link technology is utilized on this and
    other Intersil CMOS PROMs. This gives the user a PROM
    with permanent, stable storage characteristics over the full
    industrial and military temperature voltage ranges. NiCr fuse
    technology combined with the low power characteristics of
    CMOS provides an excellent alternative to standard bipolar
    PROMs or NMOS EPROMs. Operating Temperature Range -55oC to +125oC All bits are manufactured storing a logical “0” and can be High Output Drive . 12 LSTTL Loads Synchronous Operation On-Chip Address Latches Ordering Information ...



Package24 Ld SBDIP
Package IndexD24.3


Qualification LevelQML Class Q (military)

Moldel Line

Series: HM-6617-883 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > /883 > Memory

Other Names:

HM66617/883, HM6 6617/883

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