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Datasheet Microchip MCP1640DT-I/CH

Part NumberMCP1640DT-I/CH

The MCP1640/40B/40C/40D is a compact, high-efficiency, fixed frequency, synchronous step-up DC-DC converter


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    MCP1640/B/C/D Data Sheet
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    0.65V Start-Up Synchronous Boost Regulator
    with True Output Disconnect or Input/Output Bypass Option
    Features General Description Up to 96% Typical Efficiency 800 mA Typical Peak Input Current Limit:
    -IOUT > 100 mA @ 1.2V VIN, 3.3V VOUT
    -IOUT > 350 mA @ 2.4V VIN, 3.3V VOUT
    -IOUT > 350 mA @ 3.3V VIN, 5.0V VOUT Low Start-Up Voltage: 0.65V, typical 3.3V VOUT
    @ 1 mA Low Operating Input Voltage: 0.35V, typical
    3.3VOUT @ 1 mA Adjustable Output Voltage Range: 2.0V to 5.5V Maximum Input Voltage п‚Ј VOUT < 5.5V Automatic PFM/PWM Operation (MCP1640/C):
    -PFM Operation Disabled (MCP1640B/D)
    -PWM Operation: 500 kHz Low Device Quiescent Current: 19 ВµA, typical
    PFM Mode (not switching) Internal Synchronous Rectifier Internal Compensation Inrush Current Limiting and Internal Soft Start Selectable, Logic Controlled Shutdown States:
    -True Load Disconnect Option (MCP1640/B)
    -Input to Output Bypass Option (MCP1640C/D) Shutdown Current (All States): < 1 ВµA Low Noise, Anti-Ringing Control Overtemperature Protection Available Packages:
    -6-Lead SOT-23
    -8-Lead 2 x 3 mm DFN The MCP1640/B/C/D is a compact, high-efficiency,
    fixed frequency, synchronous step-up DC-DC converter. It provides an easy-to-use power supply solution
    for applications powered by either single-cell, two-cell,
    or three-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, and single-cell Li-Ion
    or Li-Polymer batteries.
    Low-voltage technology allows the regulator to start-up
    without high inrush current or output voltage overshoot
    from a low 0.65V input. High efficiency is accomplished ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Automotive QualNo
Duty Cycle Max90 %
Input Voltage Range Max5.5 V
Input Voltage Range Min(V)0.65
Light Load Efficiency ModeYes
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Output Voltage Range Max5.5 V
Output Voltage Range Min2 V
Quiescent Current0.019 mA) typ
SHUTDOWN Current0.7 µA
Switch current0.8 A) typ
Switching Frequency500 kHz
Synchronous RectifierYes
Vfb1.21 V

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Moldel Line

Series: MCP1640 (18)

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