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Datasheet Microchip MIC2800


The MIC2800 is a high performance power management IC, giving three output voltages with maximum efficiency


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    MIC2800 Digital Power Management IC 2MHz, 600mA DC/DC w/Dual 300mA/300mA
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    Digital Power Management IC 2 MHz, 600 mA DC/DC with Dual
    300 mA/300 mA Low VIN LDOs
    Features General Description 2.7V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range 2 MHz DC/DC Converter and Two LDOs Integrated Power-on Reset (POR)
    -Adjustable POR Delay Time LOWQ Mode
    -30 ВµA Total IQ when in LOWQ Mode DC/DC Converter
    -Up to 600 mA of Output Current in PWM
    -LOWQ Mode: NO RIPPLE Light Load Mode
    -75 ВµVRMS Output Noise in LOWQ Mode
    -2 MHz PWM Mode Operation
    -> 90% Efficiency LDO1 Input Voltage Directly Connected to DC/DC
    Converter Output Voltage for Maximum Efficiency
    -Ideal for 1.8V to 1.5V Conversion
    -300 mA Output Current from 1.8V Input
    -Output Voltage Down to 0.8V LDO2 – 300 mA Output Current Capable Thermal Shutdown Protection Current Limit Protection Simple, Leakage-Free Interfacing to Host MPU in
    Applications with Backup Power Tiny 16-Pin 3mm x 3mm QFN Package The MIC2800 is a high-performance power
    management IC, featuring three output voltages with
    maximum efficiency. Integrating a 2 MHz DC/DC
    converter with an LDO post-regulator, the MIC2800
    gives two high-efficiency outputs with a second,
    300 mA LDO for maximum flexibility. The MIC2800
    features a LOWQ mode, reducing the total current ...


Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulators > Multi Output Regulators

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