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Datasheet Microchip MIC2810


The MIC2810 is a high performance power management IC, integrating a 2MHz DC/DC switcher with two 300mA LDOs


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    MIC2810 - Digital Power Management IC 2MHz, 600mA DC/DC
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    Digital Power Management IC 2 MHz, 600 mA DC/DC with Dual
    300 mA/300 mA Low VIN LDOs
    Features General Description The MIC2810 is a high performance power
    management IC, featuring three output voltages with
    independent enable control: a 2 MHz DC/DC converter
    and two 300 mA LDOs. The MIC2810 features a
    LOWQ mode, reducing the total current draw while in
    this mode to less than 30 ВµA. In LOWQ mode, the
    output noise of the DC/DC converter is 53 ВµVRMS,
    significantly lower than other converters that use a
    PFM light load mode that can interfere with sensitive
    RF circuitry. Pin 14 Pin 13 EN1 CSET PGND LDO Pin 9 Pin 4 LDO2 Pin 10 Pin 3 Pin 8 VIN1 BIAS VIN2 SGND Pin 2 Pin 7 Pin 11 пѓЈ 2017 Microchip Technology Inc. Pin 15 LDO1 LOWQ Embedded MPU and MCU Power
    Portable and Wearable Applications
    Low-Power RF Systems
    Backup Power Systems EN Pin 12 Pin 1 VIN POR Applications Pin 6 MIC2810
    16-PIN 3 mm X 3 mm QFN
    Pin 16 Package Type EN2 The LDOs operate with very small ceramic output
    capacitors for stability, therefore, reducing required
    board space and component cost. It is available in
    various output voltage options in the 16-pin 3 mm x
    3 mm QFN leadless package. SW The DC/DC converter uses small values of L and C to
    reduce board space but still retains high efficiency over ...


Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulators > Multi Output Regulators

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