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Datasheet Microchip MCP1316MT-33LE/OT

Part NumberMCP1316MT-33LE/OT

The MCP1316/16M/17/18/18M/19/19M/20/21/22 are voltage supervisor devices designed to keep a microcontroller in reset until the system voltage has reached and stablized at a proper level for reliable system operation


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    MCP131X/2X Voltage Supervisor Datasheet
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    Voltage Supervisor
    Features: Package Types
    SOT-23-5 Low Supply Current: 1 ВµA (Typical),10 ВµA (Max.) Precision Monitoring Trip Point Options:
    -2.9V and 4.6V (Standard Offerings)
    -2.0V to 4.7V in 100 mV Increments,
    (Contact the local Microchip Sales Office) Resets Microcontroller in a Power-loss Event Reset Delay Time-Out Option:
    -1.4 ms, 30 ms, 200 ms, or 1.6s (Typical) Watchdog Timer Input Time-Out Options:
    -6.3 ms, 102 ms, 1.6s, or 25.6s (Typical) Manual Reset (MR) Input (Active-low) Single and Complementary Reset Output(s) Reset Output Options:
    -Push-Pull (Active-high or Active-low)
    -Open-Drain (Internal or External Pull-up) Temperature Range:
    -40В°C to +85В°C for Trip Points 2.0 to 2.4V and,
    -40В°C to + 125В°C for Trip Points > 2.5V Voltage Range: 1.0V to 5.5V Lead Free Packaging MCP1316/16M/20 RST 1 VSS 2 MR 3 MCP1317 VDD 5 4 WDI MCP1318/18M/21 RST 1 VSS 2 RST 3 4 1 VSS 2 MR 3 5 VDD 4 WDI MCP1319/19M/22 VDD 5 RST WDI RST 1 VSS 2 RST 3 5 VDD 4 MR Block Diagram
    + RST – Output
    Driver Reference
    Voltage RST Description:
    MR The MCP131X/2X are voltage supervisor devices
    designed to keep a microcontroller in Reset until the
    system voltage has reached and stabilized at the
    proper level for reliable system operation. The table
    below shows the available features for these devices. Noise Filter ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Manual ResetYes
Nominal Reset Voltage2.9, 4.6, (2.0-2.4V=I-Temp, 2.4-4.7=Ext) V
Operating Temp. Range-40 to 125 °C
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +125 °C
Power FailNo
Product TypeSupervisor
Reset TypeActive Low
Typical Reset Pulse Width200 ms
Typical Supply Current1 µA
VCC Range1.0 - 5.5 V
Watchdog TimerYes

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MCP1316 MCP1317 MCP1318 MCP1318M MCP1319 MCP1319M MCP1320 MCP1321 MCP1322

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Series: MCP1316M (16)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Voltage Detectors

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