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Datasheet Microchip TC54VC4002EZB713

Part NumberTC54VC4002EZB713

The TC54 Series are CMOS voltage detectors, suited especially for battery-powered applications because of their extremely low 1uA operating current and small surface-mount packaging


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    TC54 Data Sheet
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    Voltage Detector
    Features: General Description: В±2.0% Detection Thresholds Small Packages: 3-Pin SOT-23A, SOT-89, and
    TO-92 Low Current Drain: 1 ВµA, typical Wide Detection Range: 1.1V to 6.0V Wide Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V to 10V The TC54 series are CMOS voltage detectors especially well-suited for battery-powered applications
    because of their extremely low 1 ВµA operating current
    and small surface-mount packaging. Each part is lasertrimmed to the desired threshold voltage, which can be
    specified from 1.4V to 6.0V with a 2% tolerance.
    The TC54 is available with either an open-drain or complementary output stage. During operation, the output
    (VOUT) remains in the logic-high state as long as VIN is
    greater than the specified threshold voltage (VDET –).
    When VIN falls below VDET –, the output is driven to a
    logic-low. VOUT remains low until VIN rises above
    VDET – by an amount VHYST, when it resets to a logichigh state. Applications: Battery Voltage Monitoring
    Microprocessor Reset
    System Brown-Out Protection
    Switching Circuit in Battery Backup
    Level Discriminator Package Types Functional Block Diagram
    TC54VC only 3-Pin SOT-89 3-Pin SOT-23A
    VIN VIN 3
    VOUT – 1
    VOUT + TC54 ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Manual ResetNo
Nominal Reset Voltage4.21, 4.12, 2.94, 2.84, 2.65, 2.06, 1.37 (1.4-6V) V
Operating Temp. Range-40 to 85 °C
OutputCMOS push-pull or Open drain
Power FailNo
Product TypeDetector
Reset TypeActive Low
Typical Supply Current1 µA
VCC Range0.7 - 10 V
Watchdog TimerNo

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Series: TC54 (50)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Voltage Detectors
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