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Datasheet Microchip MIC28303-1YMP-T1

Part NumberMIC28303-1YMP-T1

MIC28303 is synchronous step-down regulator module, featuring a unique adaptive ON-time control architecture


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    MIC28303 Data Sheet
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    50V, 3A Power Module
    Features General Description Easy to Use
    -Stable with Low-Equivalent Series Resistance
    (ESR) Ceramic Output Capacitor
    -No Inductor and No Compensation to
    Choose 4.5V to 50V Input Voltage Single-Supply Operation Power Good (PG) Output Low Radiated Emission (EMI) per EN55022, Class B Adjustable Current Limit Adjustable Output Voltage from 0.9V to 24V (Also
    Limited by Duty Cycle) 200 kHz to 600 kHz, Programmable Switching
    Frequency Supports Safe Start-Up into a Prebiased Output –40°C to +125°C Junction Temperature Range Available in 64-pin, 12 mm × 12 mm × 3 mm QFN
    Package MIC28303 is synchronous step-down regulator
    module, featuring a unique adaptive ON-time control
    architecture. The module incorporates a DC/DC
    controller, power MOSFETs, bootstrap diode, bootstrap
    capacitor and an inductor in a single package. The
    MIC28303 operates over an input supply range from
    4.5V-50V and can be used to supply up to 3A of output
    current. The output voltage is adjustable down to 0.8V
    with an accuracy of В±1%. The device operates with
    programmable switching frequency from 200 kHz-600
    The MIC28303-1 uses HyperLight LoadВ® architecture
    for improved efficiency at light loads. The MIC28303-2
    uses Hyper Speed ControlВ® for ultra-fast transient ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Control SchemeCOT
HyperLight Load®Yes
Input Voltage Range4.5 to 50 V
Operating JunctionTemp. Range-40 to +125 °C
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +125 °C
Output Current3 A
Output VoltageAdj V
Vout Max24 V

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Moldel Line

Series: MIC28303 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Power Module

Other Names:

MIC283031YMPT1, MIC28303 1YMP T1

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