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Datasheet Microchip MIC2097-1YMT-TR

Part NumberMIC2097-1YMT-TR

The MIC2095/97/98/99 family of switches are self-contained, current-limiting, high-side power switches, ideal for power-control applications


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    MIC2095/7/8/9 - Current-Limiting Power Distribution Switches
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    Current-Limiting Power Distribution Switches General Description Features The MIC2095/97/98/99 family of switches are selfcontained, current-limiting, high-side power switches, ideal
    for power-control applications. These switches are useful
    for general purpose power distribution applications such as
    digital televisions (DTV), printers, set-top boxes (STB),
    PCs, PDAs, and other peripheral devices.
    The current limiting switches feature either a fixed
    0.5A/0.9A or resistor programmable output current limit.
    The family also has fault blanking to eliminate false noiseinduced, over current conditions. After an over-current
    condition, these devices automatically restart if the enable
    pin remains active. The MIC2097 switch offers a unique
    new patented Kickstart feature, which allows momentary
    high-current surges up to the secondary current limit
    (ILIMIT_2nd). This is useful for charging loads with high inrush
    currents, such as capacitors.
    The MIC2095/97/98/99 family of switches provides undervoltage, over-temperature shutdown, and output fault
    status reporting. The family also provides either an active
    low or active high, logic level enable pin.
    The MIC2095/97/98/99 family is offered in a space saving
    1.6mm x 1.6mm Thin MLFВ® (TMLF) package.
    Datasheets and support documentation can be found on
    Micrel’s web site at: MIC2095: 0.5A fixed current limit MIC2098: 0.9A fixed current limit MIC2097/99: Resistor programmable current limit
    – 0.1A to 1.1A MIC2097: Kickstart for high peak current loads ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Adj Current LimitYes
Current Limit Adj#1.1A Max
Current LimitedYes
Enable LogicActive High
Fault FlagYes
Flag Transient FilterYes
Oja93 C/W
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +125 °C
Product TypeUSB Power Dist
RDS ON @5V170 mО©
Rev Block DiodeYes
Switch ElementP-Ch
Thermal ShutdownYes
Vin Max5.5 V
Vin Min2.5 V

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MIC2095 MIC2098 MIC2099

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Series: MIC2097 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Power Switches > Power Switches - Current Limit Switches

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